Hive Shenzhen New Exhibition | Palingraphia by Li Wenguang


Palingraphia: Li Wenguang
Artist: Li Wenguang

2018.6.23 16:00
Exhibition Dates:
2018.6.23 – 2018.7.28

Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Shenzhen)
1-5 Block A4, North Zone OCT-Loft, Nanshan District, 518053 Shenzhen, China

The Hive (Shenzhen) Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce that on June 23, 2018, the latest solo exhibition of the post-80s artist Li Wenguang will be “reproduced”.

This is the second solo exhibition launched by the artist after the homonymous exhibition held by the Beehive (Beijing) in 2017. The exhibition will focus on presenting Li Wenguang’s creations in the past two years, bringing a universal reputation to the artist, and also a geometrical schema that achieves its unique visual features.

It still plays a leading role in leading the new exhibition. The exhibition will continue to be displayed until July 28, 2018.


Pen, oil, acrylic, resin, rice paper collage on canvas


Li Wenguang, born in Shanghai in 1985, has been working since 2004 and has undergone several stages of diversification of painting language.

The representative geometric pattern begins with its 2012 art practice and continues until today. The objective of cool and rational creation method inspired by Islamic geometric patterns.

The fascinating geometric elements are reorganized, derived, extended, and deduced into completeness through the infinite grid.

But his artworks don’t have any emotional orientation it’s kind of rational and objective painting language from the artist’s daily life. on the other hand, the nearly boring and monotonous creation method is also another presentation of the artist’s inner state.

When the underlying sense of anxiety is converted into a persistent creative drive, the artist is forced to release his subconscious mind in a puritanical attitude, through restraint work on paper.

For Li Wenguang, The repetition of the manual creation process is not a simple emotional venting. This is not only a style of the artist, but also a process of self-introduction, self-cultivation, and comfort.

Pen, oil, acrylic, resin, rice paper collage on canvas


Li Bai
/ Pen, resin, rice paper collage on canvas


Boundary River / Pen, resin, rice paper collage on canvas

Li Wenguang’s blue series of works appeared that validating the choice of the schema language from another angle, not only obey the needs of the visual aesthetic. But fully demonstrates the unique life experience of the artist. As the constant “rewriting” of the soul by the time, it brings both abundance and exquisiteness as well as some unexpected and unknown.

Potted Plant with Both Sides under the Sun
Pen, oil, acrylic, resin, rice paper collage on canvas


Before the rain / Pen, resin, rice paper collage on canvas


蜂巢北京 正在展出
On Exhibition · Hive Beijing


Hive Center for Contemporary Art



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Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Shenzhen)

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