Guilin is a good place for tourism and the scenery is absolutely unique. The beautiful scenery on both sides of the Minjiang River and the air is very fresh. It is very pleasant to go to the Lijiang River to see the Shili Gallery. The scenery of the karst landscape is also very good. Guilin has a lot of food outside of its natural scenery.


Guilin is a famous scenic city and historical and cultural city in the world. Located at the southern end of the Xianggui. It connects Hunan Province on the north and northeast sides, and on the west, southwest and Liuzhou regions and southeast are connected with Ganzhou City and Hezhou City next to Guangdong Province.

Guilin is a famous city in Guangxi historical and cultural city in China and a national key tourist city.

Guilin City is located in the southwestern part of the Nanling Mountains, with an average elevation of 150 meters. It is a typical “karst” landform. Limestone all over the city has been weathered and corroded by millions of years, forming a Qianfeng Ring, a water holding city.

The unique landscape of Dong Qi Shimei is praised by the world as “Guilin landscapes are the best in the world”. Among the most representative scenic spots are Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Mountain, Nanxi Mountain, Laoshan Mountain, Duxiu Peak, Qixingyan, Reed Flute Cave, Suede Rock, Guanyan, Ming Dynasty Wangcheng, Lugu Lake, and Shanhu Lake.

The most exciting section of the Lancang River landscape that we talk about is in Yangshuo. There are countless other beautiful sights in Guilin waiting to be visited. Longji terraced fields, Xing’an Lingqu Canal, Zijiang rafting, Wupai River rafting, Bajiaozhai, Baoding Waterfall and so on will bring you more surprises.

Guiling is UNESCO site in China Since Avatar was launched Zhangjiajie has gone mad.

Best season:

April-October. Guilin belongs to the humid tropical monsoon climate in Central Asia. The average temperature is 19.3°C. The best season is from April to October each year. During this period, there will be two golden weeks ( Chinese holiday ) of “May 1st” and “11th”.

There will be many tourists in Guilin and The reservations of the hotel rooms will reach the top, and the prices have risen more than usual.
Therefore, it is better to avoid this time and choose an off-season trip to enjoy the beauty of this world.