A high-level sharing and networking event featuring the presentation of the key insights of GBA’s startup scene and speakers from governments, corporates and key stakeholders in Shenzhen startup ecosystem.

Hong Kong and the mainland part of the Greater Bay Area have had a lack of coherent market or customer union largely due to the differences in government policies, legal system, business culture, market characteristics, languages berries, etc.

However, the “Greater Bay Area Development Policy Guideline” published by the government of China in 2019 has set a more integrated and active GBA startup ecosystem in motion, with the fast developing transportation infrastructure as the primary catalyst.

In this session, WHub will present our key learnings of the latest trends and insights for startups to achieve rapid growth in GBA as the industry-agnostic community builder in the region. It will be followed by the panel discussion bringing together the major stakeholders to discuss the current and potential synergetic policies and programs in Shenzhen that startups can benefit from.


  1. WHub Introduction to GBA Startup Ecosystem White Paper
  2. Panel Discussion: How to accelerate the growth of the startup community – from the perspectives of government, corporates, investors and community builders
  3. Q&A
  4. Networking

Whom should participant?

The attendees are entrepreneurs and the representatives from governments, corporates, community builders, media. We also welcome anyone who is interested in the latest trend, statistics, insights about startup ecosystem in the Greater Bay Area.

Why should you participate?

WHub Having been promoting #StartupPassion for more than 5 years, WHub is Hong Kong’s largest startup community and power connector. Through working with various stakeholders in the startup ecosystem, we have brought about a platform with consolidated resources for any startups to growth with the resources they need. Our approaches for building a successful startups community is “connect”, “showcase” and “educate”.

Applying the methodology and the entrepreneurial & community-driven spirit to Shenzhen is our commitment. As the bridge and trend watcher in the GBA market, we are able to capture the latest updates from all types of players and across the key industries.

The White Paper capsulises the learning we had and will become the foundation for any stakeholders to rethink or update their GBA strategies. If you are interested in the content of our White Paper, you can refer to the previous editions (English only):

  The event will be conducted in English and Mandarin Chinese.

And sign up to get an exclusive copy of the GBA White Paper https://www.whub.io/s/NDgg9tw

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