GoWild – Leading AI startup from China

Founded at the end of 2013, Gowild Institute of Artificial Intelligence (Shanghai) was founded by a number of industry technical experts, including Professor Zhang Min, the only master of natural language processing, and Dr Shao Hao, a machine learning expert, and gathered at the University of Ohio.

Well-known institutions in the fields of AI, neural network, NLP, machine learning and other research directions, and launched Gowild AI in 2017. Virtual Engine (GAVE) artificial intelligence AI virtual life engine, successfully applied to Gowild’s Holoera and son white series products.

This top startup in Shenzhen was co-founded by Qiu Nan and Yan Hanming in 2013 and is one of the top Shenzhen startups for 2019 today. This can be attributed to its recent round funding. The tech startup secured CNY150 million in its Series A round of funding from lead investor Famous City Development Venture Capital.

Other investors who participated in the funding rounds for the Shenzhen based startup are Ecovacs and Shenzhen Qianhai Yu Zhou Fund. GoWild is a key player in the area of artificial intelligence technology research and has built a range of AI virtual life eco products.

Core Technology

Natural language processing
NLP is the most difficult peak in the field of artificial intelligence. Under the leadership of the chief scientist (the first “Jie Qing” winner in the NLP field), we are committed to challenging complex semantic understanding.
Knowledge map
We created the world’s first Chinese encyclopedia knowledge map. With 160 million + general knowledge map, 10 million + domain knowledge map, on this basis to build a strong cognitive system.
Machine learning
Combine big data and deep learning, continuously optimize the core modules of the robot, and use deep neural networks to achieve a more powerful cognitive engine and a smarter
chat interaction experience.

Product advantages

Associative reasoning
Let the robot’s knowledge system expand infinitely through reasoning and association above the knowledge map, and Further self-learning.
Active recommendation
Personalized user portraits are built to let the robot know you better and take the initiative to recommend what you want. Life and entertainment services.
Memory care
Remember everything you teach it, remember the bits and pieces of your life, and inadvertently give you emotional Care, be the most intimate “her” behind you.
Chat companionship

Through machines, mobile phones and other ways to interact, no matter where you are, you can talk to your AI virtual life about your heart and express your feelings, “she” will do your most solid emotional dependence.

Life assistant
The ever-expanding features make your life more convenient from weather, music, news, stories, alarm clocks, and geographic information recommendations.
Aiming at the specific needs of industry scenes, such as government, banking, and real estate, a question-and-answer system based on knowledge maps is constructed to realize task-based multi-round interaction.
Note : The information of article was sourced from https://www.gowild.cn/