Art Jewelry Designer Giulia Santini

From Tuscany in central Italy, art jewelry designer Giulia Santini ( Zhu利亚桑蒂尼) was born in 1982, She has two bachelors in a foreign language and literature studies speaks seven languages, fluent in Chinese.

15 years of Industrial product design experience. In 2012, she decided to devote herself to the art and design field she loved. In 2013, she founded the independent wearable sculpture brand IKONA, which was founded to bring the jewelry design to the artistic height of wearable concept sculpture.

Giulia’s work reflects her own desire to share her personal life experiences. The concept of the work is full of self-recognition reflected in the unpredictable space and time, as well as the internal and external conflicts. She believes that the art of goldsmiths is extremely misunderstood under the suspicion of contemporary social utilitarianism.

In the process, the artist’s ground-breaking choices for wearing works, such as the analysis of his emotions and philosophies, are also greatly neglected – they ignore the religious status, cultural values and the importance of jewelry art in the long history.

In all ancient civilizations, the oldest forms of art, there is no doubt that jewels and decorations are made in precious, long-lasting ways, for specific rituals or passages of personal decoration, culturally regarded as important.

Personality and inner growth

Italian artist/ jewelry designer/ linguist/ engineer Giulia Santini takes you through the elements of the world (water | fire | earth | wind) to explore the face and inner state of the self.

Artist: Giulia Sautini (Italian jewelry designer)

Hosted by: Li Zhenxiang (Director of Art Education, ART23)  

Date: 2011.07.15 Sunday 19:00

Location: No. 23, Qiming Sanma Road, East 2nd Gate, Qiming Community, Dongshankou, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Organizer: ART23 Contemporary Art Museum

Language: Chinese/English

Fee: 129/person

Workshop content

• One-on-one communication with Giulia Santini
• Create your own creative jewelry design with Giulia Santini
• Understand the connection between design and self

Participation notice

• Participants are carefully selected to jewelry materials (natural stones, etc.) that match their mental state and bring the event site. The artist will design the plan according to the actual situation of the participants.
• Bring photos of different ages to participate in workshop activities
• Prepare a short self-introduction and present the story behind the photo to the artist

Giulia designs solutions for workshop participants
Giulia interacts with the participants

sketches designed by former participants


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