Genki Audio – Top 5 gaming hardware Kickstart projects of all-time

At Genki, we’re happy to say that the Kickstarter launch of Genki Audio is now one of the top 5 gaming hardware Kickstart projects of all-time! Nintendo has always been about sharing a gaming experience with a friend, so we wanted to make sure the Switch had the perfect solution for two friends to connect their Bluetooth headphones and game together, without any compromises.

Wireless to the Fullest

Gamer Tested, Media Approved

Genki Audio Features

Here’s a little bit about Genki Audio’s features to shed light on why it has garnered so much attention. Connect two Bluetooth headphones to your Switch with the press of a button to connect each side of Genki Audio to any Bluetooth headphone.

We made sure Genki Audio included the fastest industry-leading audio codecs. With aptX Low Latency we can achieve sub 40ms latency, so if your headphones support it you can be assured you’re getting the maximum potential from your headphone’s latency. And with Bluetooth 5, both of you get high fidelity audio.

When you’re playing battery-hungry games like Breath of the Wild, not only can you immerse yourself in Hyrule’s fantastic soundtrack, the power pass-through enables you to charge your Switch at the same time.

Because it’s USB C, the Genki Audio draws its power from the Switch, using less than 1% of the battery and less than if you were to use the built-in Switch speakers. So you get superior audio and decreased power draw.

High-Quality Hardware

With the Switch exploding in popularity around the world, people were quick to rush a lot of tech to market that didn’t always work well, sometimes bricking the console. We are very much dedicated to bringing a high-quality build to all our products, inside and out, that’s why we use the best standard in audio codecs, quality hardware and test, test, test. So there’s no chance of bricking your Switch and cutting into your already limited gaming time.

Bluetooth audio is just the start. We at Genki are dedicated to creating innovative accessories that make gaming on the Switch even more enjoyable. So keep a lookout here on WeChat for new product announcements.

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