Garden of Eden – Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker Huaqiangbei is based at a luxurious rooftop garden. We call it our “Garden of Eden” and “Hardcore Trouble Maker Longgang” is located inside an electronics factory. Trouble Maker is a product development platform where people prototype, manufacture and market products.

The company was started by four expats living in Shenzhen, each contributing to their experience and network.

Trouble Maker provides office space, coworking space, and prototyping laboratories and makes a difference by offering in-house engineering and a network of suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, business specialists, and investors.

Trouble Maker 4 Education is the logical next step of a growing maker organization. Training in software, hardware, design, engineering and arts is provided for several age groups and from different perspectives.

The philosophy of Trouble Maker has also found fertile ground outside of China.

Currently, locations are opened in Korea, Norway, and Australia. With these initiatives Trouble Maker is able to provide the best and fastest services possible in China and abroad.

Trouble Maker International Ltd.
Huaqiang Bei International Maker Center, 7/F Huaqiang
Plaza, Huaqiang North Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Phone:+86-1856 5824 874