HIBC calling all tech startups and offering free space for 3 months. Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for office space for your startup? HIBC offering free consultation on Company registration, Legal services, Intellectual property (IP) and tax services.

Free office up to 3 months

All tech startups, this summer apply for HIBC co-working space

You will have a chance to get

1   Free working space

2   Join HIBC mentorship program meeting investors

3   Free consultation on company registration, legal, tax, IP

4   Free networking events and startup work shops

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About HIBC


At HIBC we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for your business. With people from diverse backgrounds and sectors all under one roof, special ideas turn into special projects. We are proud to host unique events for our members that dive deep into the latest social, cultural, technological, and business developments.

That way, our community constantly stays informed and at the front of the pack as well as becoming connected with new friends and partners that attend.
Through our events, contests, communities, and tools, we love connecting and supporting entrepreneurs from around the world.

As a startup company ourselves we understand having people who understand you who have overcame the same challenges you are facing and can give you some useful insight and connections, could be worth gold.

U will have access to our spaces and services:

1 Co-working space/ Co-living space
2 Mentorship Program and Funding service
3 Company Registration in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and overseas
4 Accounting, Tax Consultancy and Audit Service
5 Working Visa in Shenzhen and Hong Kong for Foreigners
6 Payroll Service and HR Service
7 Manufacture Service
8 Law Consultancy (Contract Law, Labor Law, Company Law)
9 IP rights/ Trad mark
10 Relocation service