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Visions of the Future

Nov.11 (Saturday) 9:30-12:00

With the growing accessibility of technology, the spread of maker culture through platforms such as the Maker Faire, and more diverse channels for funding and promotion, the landscapes for the Maker Movement are constantly being reshaped for more lasting and sustainable impact. In this session, we invite individuals and organizations whose work as educators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders have created significant changes in their respective fields. Through their sharing, we hope to shed light on the future of making and how more people can follow suit through learning and do.

Mike Senese

Make: 杂志总编辑 Executive Editor, Make: Magazine

Mike Senese is the Executive Editor of Make: magazine, the flagship publication that launched the Maker Faire series in 2006. He is also a TV host, starring in various engineering and science shows for Discovery Channel, including Punkin Chunkin, How Stuff Works, and Catch It Keep It. An avid maker, Mike spends his spare time tinkering with remote-control aircraft, doing amateur woodworking, and attempting to cook the perfect pizza.

曾德钧 Dejun Zeng

猫王收音机设计师、创始人 Founder of Muzen Audio

53 years ago, a radio set became Zeng’s window to the world, marking the beginning of his lifelong romance with the instrument. Zeng has served in the army, taught as a teacher and worked sailor, and when he was almost 60, finally pursued his passion for the radio with Muzen Audio. With the drive and zest of a twentysomething, he embraces the youth culture and the internet but insists on a brand value that is retro classic with the focus on design and craftsmanship, winning the hearts of young consumers. Zeng and his team have brought the radio back to popularity and made Muzen the premium brand for radios in the new age of retail.

Zach Shelby

Micro:bit基金会首席执行官 CEO of Microbit Foundation

Zach is the CEO of the Micro: bit Foundation, an angel investor and a thought leader in the IoT space. His vision for micro: bit is that every child will be an inventor, and aims to reach 100M children and educators in the future. Zach was the co-founder of Sensinode where he acted as CEO and CTO for the ground-breaking company before acquisition by an ARM in 2013. At ARM he served as Vice President of Marketing and Director of Technology for an Internet of Things. Before starting Sensinode, he led wireless networking research at the Centre for Wireless Communications and at the Technical Research Center of Finland.

李玙 Li Yu

跨学科研究员,思辨设计师,新媒体艺术 Interdisciplinary researcher,

speculative designer, and new media artist

Li Yu is born in the Himalaya mountains; she is now based in Shenzhen, travels frequently between Europe and US for design research and technology foraging. She collaborates with scientists and engineers from various fields include biotechnology, aerospace, artificial intelligence and computer science. She is also actively involved in the biohacking, citizen science, and maker movements. Li Yu researches the burgeoning areas of advanced science technology and speculative design and their fascinating intersection where our unlimited imagination meets the fast pacing science technology development. She uses design as a method of investigation, while implementing emerging technologies, aimed at expanding our imagination, breaks the sense of normality, brings thoughts experiment into tangible forms and explores possible future scenarios.

Tomas Diez

IAAC Fab City研究实验室主任、巴塞罗那Fab Lab联合创始人

Director of the FAB City Research Laboratory at IAAC, Co-founder of Fab Lab Barcelona

Tomas Diez is a Venezuela-born urban designer specialized in digital fabrication and its implications in the future of cities and society. He is the director of the FAB City Research Laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), and co-founder of Fab Lab Barcelona. He holds a Bachelor degree in Urbanism from the Simon Bolivar University (Caracas – Venezuela), a Diploma in social work at the La Havana University (Cuba), a Master in Advanced Architecture by IAAC, and a Diploma on Digital Fabrication offered by the Fab Academy in a joint program with MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Smart Citizen project,, and StudioP52 in Barcelona. His research interests relate to the use of digital fabrication tools to transform the reality, and how the use of new technologies can change the way people consume, produce and relate with each other in cities.

Making in Industries

Nov.11 (Saturday) 13:30-16:00

Open source and digital fabrication tools have greatly accelerated the prototyping process, making it easier for makers to take their ideas to reality, even to the market linking to existing industries. The speakers in this session, as engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and educators, dedicate their careers to creating projects and applications ranging from smart homes, industrial robots, wearable tech for fashion and aerospace, and solutions for social and environmental problems. With innovative thinking, technical expertise, business acumen and a mindset for open collaboration, these Maker Pros venture to change the world and the way we live.

Shannon Hoover

MakeFashion 科技服装平台与Wearlabs公司共同创办人 Co-founder, MakeFashion, and Wearlabs

Shannon is an innovator and technologist as well as leader in the Canadian Maker movement. He is the co-founder of the globally renowned Fashion Technology startup Make fashion and WearLabs, as well as Calgary Maker Faire and Fuse33 Makerspace. He is devoted to improving his community and world through subversive change and art directed engineering. Passions include wearable tech and augmented self-projects for MakeFashion and collaborating internationally to leverage maker culture improve quality of life.

Katia Vega

加利福尼亚大学戴维斯分校副教授 Assistant Professor at University of California, Davis

Katia Vega is the creator of Beauty Technology: cosmetics that embedded electronics to transform the body in an interface. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Design at UC Davis (USA). She was a Professor at UTEC (Peru). She was a postdoc at MIT Media Lab (USA) and got her Ph.D. and master degree in Computer Science at PUC-Rio (Brazil). She received a BS from UNMSM (Peru). Her projects are exhibited at several galleries and festivals such as Barbican of London, Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Ars Electronica, Music Tech Festival in Berlin and Bellagio in Las Vegas. Her work has been featured by New Scientist, Wired, Discovery, CNN and awarded by Ars Electronica, TEI, ISWC, Fast Company, Ubimedia, among others. Recently, Springer has published our book: “Beauty Technology: Designing Seamless Interfaces for Wearable Computing”.

张浩 Hao Zhang

蓝胖子机器人联合创始人、首席技术官 Co-founder & CTO of Dorabot Inc.

Hao is the Co-Founder and CTO of a robotics start-up, Dorabot Inc., located in Shenzhen, China. Dorabot focuses on providing robotic solutions to logistics firms. Hao is experienced in developing robotic systems for industrial applications and research applications. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in A.I. and Robotics. Moreover, Hao has been an active leader in the maker community.

Davide Gomba

意大利首家Fab Lab创始人,Casa Jasmina智慧房屋项目负责人 Founder of the First Italian Fablab, Casa Jasmina Project

Davide Gomba is an Italian maker and storyteller. He has been working in open source since 2008, alongside Arduino until 2016. He’s been one of the promoters of maker culture in Italy, actively managing the creation of the very first Italian Fab Lab in 2011. As the content producer and product scouter, he’s been creating different workshops experiences around tech or maker cultures, such as fablab for kids (STEAM, kids, science) or rural hack (IoT, bottom-up tech agriculture). He loves Shenzhen and has many friends to come and see and have been hosting the Arduino Booth at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2013. He’s come to the this year’s Faire to show and present the Casa Jasmina Project; an experiment held to create a home of the future where technology, privacy, lux, open source and design meet and join together a good conversation with the human.

Cesar Jung-Harada

香港MakerBay创客空间创始人,Protei和Scoutbots公司 CEO&Founder of MakerBot Hong Kong, CEO of Protei and Scoutbots

Cesar Harada is a French-Japanese environmentalist, inventor, and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong, who is dedicating his life to explore and protect the ocean with open technologies. Protei is a shape-shifting sailing robot, a wind-powered maritime drone that is remotely controlled or automated to collect ocean data or transport clean-up equipment. Cesar is a Former MIT project leader, TED Senior Fellow, GOOD 100, IBM Figure of Progress, Unreasonable at Sea Fellow, Shuttleworth foundation and Ocean Exchange grantee. Cesar won the Arts Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA] with his Master‘s graduation project from the Royal College of Arts, London. Cesar has been teaching at the Goldsmiths University of London, Versailles architecture School in France and has lectured around the world.

邱世新 Shixin Qiu

草根创客,造物达人,创客老爸 Maker Pro, Maker Dad

Shixin Qiu has a passion for making and DIY. When he used to own a business selling cold beverages, he would modify and upgrade the equipment he’d bought, and designed his ice machine and freezer. He also enjoyed making new beverage recipes. When the business became stable, he made an unexpected decision to move to Shenzhen in 2013 to start over. Since then, he has self-taught keyboarding, programming and has participated in hackathons. He has made many projects including a smart foot massage machine, a smart toilet system, a manual, electric generator, DIY speaker and an easy planter. Shixin has guided his two sons into making and goes to their school to share with the students about maker culture. Now with a full-time job, Shixin is also a member of Chaihuo x.Factory, where he often attends workshops, makes things with his sons and shares with many others in the community.

Platform Builders

Nov.12 (Sunday) 10:00-12:00

As technical barriers for making are lowered, more and more people across different disciplines and backgrounds begin to collaborate on exciting projects, giving rise to a myriad of high-quality content. The speakers in this session are dedicated to building platforms where makers come together to innovate, and to curating events where these quality content can be seen and celebrated by the wider audience. We invite them to share their visions for promoting the maker movement, to educate, entertain, and inspire more people to join in the spirit of creating.

潘星 Xing Pan

加利福尼亚大学河滨分校教授 Professor, University of California Riverside

潘星教授致力于电子商务、移动商务、市场营销领域的前沿研究与创新, 是美国营销学会(AMA)、营销科学院(MSI)、互动营销教育基金会(DMEF)等学术机构的学术与科研基金评审人及十余个工商管理学及经济学领域 SSCI 国际学术期刊的编委与专家评审人, 美国创新领导力学院(AILA)执行院长。 他的研究荣获了包括美国营销科学学会最佳博士论文奖、华盛顿经济协会最佳科研奖、美国电子商务研究中心国际科研奖等在内的诸多荣誉。 他受邀为美国联邦政府撰写区域经济与商业发展的专家评估报告,并在诸多国际学术会议发表学术报告与演说。

他也是 Smartology 咨询公司董事长,为移动商务服务、社交媒体、消费电子、汽车、零售、地产、教育、旅游娱乐等行业的诸多企业提供商业顾问咨询。他先后毕业于北京大学经济系、美国俄亥俄州立大学经济系、马里兰大学市场营销系,获博士学位。于美国马里兰大学史密斯商学院、印第安那大学凯利商学院、加利福尼亚大学河滨安德森管理学院,任职讲授博士、EMBA、MBA、及本科生课程18年,受评为美国加州大学河滨分校最受学生喜爱的教授之一。

谢雯雯 Wenwen Xie

MakerBeta超能实验室联合创始人 Co-founder of MakerBeta

With a MSc in Integrated Circuit Systems from Xidian University, Wenwen has won awards at a variety of nationwide tech competitions. She co-founded Suanier Technology and participated in the design of humanoid and educational robots, and the Visbody canner. She is also the co-founder, tech director and host of the self-media online show MakerBeta, which covers a range of DIY and making content in an instructional talk show format, with reference to popular culture to make it both interesting, informational and educational. MakerBeta’s video platform has a fanbase over 800K and over 100 million views, and the team has participated in the popular TV show “Amazing Chinese.”

刘得志 Kevin Lau

MakerNet超常识科技创始人及CEO,中国创客运动推进者 Founder & CEO of Maker Net,

Promoter of maker culture in China

Kevin Lau, Founder & CEO of MakerNet and a longtime promoter of the maker culture in China. He is also Maker Project Consultant of the British Council, and the author of MakerNet Column on Modern Weekly. Kevin is devoted to the sharing maker culture and skills with young people to encourage and guide them to use technology innovation to develop society, eliminate interpersonal isolation, and to make up for the uneven distribution of educational resources.

温宜萱 Anby Wen

柴火造物中心项目总监 Project Director, x.factory

After leaving her job as an art teacher and graduating from Taiwan’s NCKU with a master’s in creative industries management, Anby began her adventure working with makers and creators from different backgrounds. With a passion for the arts and robots, she loves everything related to technology, creativity, and design. She opened her own studio to provide consulting and design services before joining the Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan’s largest think tank. There she was instrumental in the building of DOIT, the first pan-Asia maker platform in Taiwan, to help hundreds of makers access resources from the government and the private sector. In 2015, she joined Shenzhen’s Chaihuo Maker Space to develop creative educational products for children, and in 2016 became part of the core team to build Chaihuo’s x.factory, a prototyping space and a platform that connects makerpros to industries in China and abroad.

Maker Education 

The Maker Education Movement has been organic and growing across a plethora of communities across Shenzhen. Today, this Movement has matured to where these fragmented maker education oriented communities are connecting and collaborating. Is the Movement here to stay? In this session, our panel represents educators from Shenzhen’s public, private, and international institutions. They will tell the story of why and how innovative learning has caught on in their own individual communities and how these communities have come together to share and collaborate, encapsulating the spirit of making.

Carrie Leung

Co-curator 共同策展人

深美国际学校创客教育主任,南山学校Maker Faire发起人 Director of Maker Education at SAIS, Producer of Nanshan School Maker Faire

Carrie has spent 5 years building a 100% PBL school program in Shenzhen. She comes from Tech and Finance in San Francisco, and is focused on teaching students and teachers at SAIS, in Shekou. She organizes the Nanshan School Maker Faire, giving the students a voice equal to their adult entrepreneurial counterparts.

Co-curator 共同策展人

Joseph Strzempka
南山教育局国际化专家顾问 Advisor for Internationalization and Reform, Nanshan Education Bureau

Joseph Strzempka currently serves as a Foreign Vice Principal for Internationalization and Reform in the Nanshan Education Bureau, Shenzhen, China. He works closely with local government officials, administrators, principals, and teachers to cultivate community and international partnerships, advance student-centered pedagogies, and develop interdisciplinary curricula. As a founder of the Nanshan Education Innovation Network, he organizes events for local educators, international educators, and community partners to share innovative teaching practices and conduct interactive workshops. Since its inception, Joseph has acted as a liaison for public institutions to participate in the Nanshan Schools Maker Faire and will serve as the event coordinator this year. He is also an education contributor to SteamHead, an Maker and Design education-focused community space in Shekou, Shenzhen. Joseph is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Northeastern University and holds an M.S. in Global and International Education Policy and a B.A. in Economics.

崔柏震 Bozhen Cui

深圳市南山教育局教育科学研究中心教研员 Researcher, Nanshan Innovation Academy, Technology, Design and Education Innovation

Mr. Cui Bozhen is the Researcher of the Science and Technology Education Research and Nanshan Youth Innovation Academy for the Nanshan Education Bureau in Shenzhen.  As the Director of the Youth Innovation Academy, he has presided over the planning, implementation, and evaluation of district-wide STEM projects, festivals, and teacher professional development. As a researcher, Mr. Cui is conducting the in-depth study of how to better facilitate interdisciplinary curriculum development and learning environments within the Chinese public education system. In 2015, he was appointed by the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau to study education innovation and management in primary and secondary schools in New York City. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Shenzhen University and an M.S. in Economic Law from Wuhan University.

俞瑞芳 Rain Yu

创客教育实践者 Parent, Advocate of Maker Education

Maker mom and maker education advocate, Ms. Yu graduated with a double Bachelor’s of Science from Tsinghua University earning degrees in both Electrical and Industrial Engineering. Ms. Yu held various technical and management positions at Huawei for 15 years. After, she spent five years as an entrepreneur and angel investor investing in the internet, smart hardware, and robotic startups. Ms. Yu is passionate about teaching robotics and mentoring young makers in robotic competitions. Her teams have won:

* 2 years-Winner of the Shenzhen University Robotic Creation Competition

* Winner of the Outstanding Maker Award at the first Student Maker Faire in Shenzhen.

* 1st Prize- National Innovation Education Conference

Twila Busby

“项目式学习”教学模式领导者、倡导者 Project Based Learning Leader & Advocate

With 20+ years experience in education, Twila advocates and trains teachers for Project Based Learning. From writing curriculum in US schools and receiving awards, to implementing PBL in Chinese schools, Twila has constantly pursued her passion of bringing guidance and innovation to educational institutions. An ideal coach, Twila has helped Shenzhen American International School achieve wall to wall PBL status, host Make Magazine’s Shekou School Maker Faire, facilitate Exhibitions of Learning, and develop many teachers into PBL advocates. When Twila’s school started one of the first dedicated school maker spaces in Shenzhen, she went further and pursued the idea that every classroom should be a makerspace, where academics support creativity and students bring their ideas into the physical world.

罗朝宣 Chaoxuan Luo

前海港湾小学校长 Principal, Qianhai Gangwan Harbour School

At Qianhai Gangwan Harbour School, Principal Luo aims to imbue every student and teacher with the “Spirit of a Maker” – the audacity to explore, the willingness to engage in the diligent practice, and an unerring commitment to excellence. By combining innovation and tradition, technology and cultural heritage, he hopes to develop global citizens for the future rooted in time-honored Chinese values. In addition to his principalship, Mr. Luo holds a number of offices and distinguished national, provincial, and municipal awards, including the Executive Director of the National Teacher Alliance, a Guangdong Province “Key Principal”, Director of the Guangdong Province Textbook Curriculum Committee, member of the China Education Association, and a National Math Olympics Trainer.

桂庆旭 Gui Qingxu

深圳市蛇口育才教育集团第四小学信息中心主任 Director, STEAM Education, Yucai #4 Primary School

Mrs. Gui Qingxu is the Director of Information Technology at Shenzhen Shekou Yucai Education Group No. 4 Primary School in Nanshan District. She has been recognized as a “backbone educator” for her pioneering work promoting the integration of technology into classroom instruction by the Nanshan Education Bureau. Furthermore, she has been recognized by the Shenzhen Municipal government among the Top 100 IT Educators and expert practitioners. While at Yucai No. 4 Primary School she has developed a number of STEAM courses, presided over the construction of two future classrooms, and delivered more than 20 unique professional development workshops.

于晓譞 Dawn Yu+陈杰 Shirley Chen

“项目式学习”教学模式倡导者 Project Based Learning Chinese Teachers, SAIS

Dawn graduated from Beijing Normal University with a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She had taught Chinese in several local schools in the UK. After she came back to China, she has worked in several international schools. Dawn has a wealth of experience both in Chinese and Western education. Based on the experience, she compared and analyzed the two different education systems. In SAIS, she combined with PBL teaching philosophy to develop a bunch of Chinese courses which are applicable to international schools.

Shirley is a Chinese teacher at Shenzhen American International School, has been practicing Project-based Learning (PBL) for more than three years, and participating in the annual exhibition of learning at SAIS. After having graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University and gained her Master degree in Education, Shirley has taught at some universities in Beijing such as Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Beijing Language and Culture University, teaching international students from different countries with different language proficiency of Chinese. Shirley has also worked in Korea for one year, as an exchange Professor of Undergraduate at Chinese Department in the Korea National University of Transportation. She is quite aware of the teaching differentiation and the education efficiency brought by the new teaching reform. She has been committed to the exploration and application of new efficient and interesting teaching methods since the first day of teaching. Additionally, two years of early working experience in public high school makes her have a practical perception and experience for the traditional Chinese teaching methods and teaching reform.

James Simpson

SteamHead创始人 Founder of SteamHead

James is empowering Maker Ed teachers, students, and schools with techniques and formalization of their makerspace programs. Living in Shenzhen for the past 5 years, coming from San Francisco, he is using his engineering and academic mindset to organize the chaotic world of Making into a system of learnable innovation by releasing Open Source tools, hosting public meetings, and donating time to organizations in Shenzhen.

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