Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017


How it’s all started

Maker Faire, launched by MAKE magazine, is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.

The first Maker Faire in the world was launched in California in 2006, and since its first launch, Maker Faire has turned into a global gathering attracting more than 700 makers and 170 000 attendees to be involved. For the past 2015, over 100 independently- produced Mini and Featured Maker Faires occurred around the world, including USA, Canada, UK, Japan and China, ect..

We have organized Maker Faire in Shenzhen since 2012, starting from Mini Maker Faire. And in 2014, we were evaluated as the seventh Featured Maker Faire all over the world and we are the biggest Faire in Asia with hundreds of makers coming from all over the world participated.

As the most influential maker event brand in China,Maker Faire in Shenzhen aims to promote the maker culture and to build an international platform for makers to meet, interact, and make together. As the Organizer of Maker Faire Shenzhen , we’d like to dig deeper and find more Chinese makers, inviting them to come & show their projects on MFSZ.

On the other hand, we invite international makers to come show their projects & share their stories on MFSZ. This will not only inspire more people to become makers, but also help makers explore this city and learn about Shenzhen ecosystem. With all these efforts and Maker Faire Shenzhen as a platform, we are striving to promote maker culture and facilitate crossover cooperation worldwide.

Based on the innovative nature of Shenzhen city, we have been highlighting the diversity of making and the spirit of the craftsmanship and showcase how maker culture is found in different aspects of everyday life.

What is Agenda for 2017

Date: November 10-12 10:00-18:00

Venue: Shenzhen Polytechnic

We haven’t got a very detailed agenda for Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017 for now. But we will have five sessions on Maker Faire Shenzhen this year, including Maker Booths, Forum, Events, Workshops and Maker Pro Exhibition.

For Maker Booths, there will more than 200 makers from all over the world coming to Shenzhen to exhibit their creative projects showcasing DIY spirit. The projects include 3D printing, drones, biohacking, interactive arts, mechanics and so on.

We will feature 2 days of compelling speeches and panels on the Forum of Maker Faire Shenzhen 2017, bringing together visionary leaders, community builders and makers to share their experience and push the maker movement forward.

Events on Maker Faire Shenzhen are definitely the most exciting sessions. We’ll involve many makers from different background to do making-related performances, for example, Maker Magician, Water Graffitti, and Eight-legged Robot Mount.

Workshop provide hands-on skills that encourage kid and adults of all ages to get involved with making. This year, we will have more than 30 workshops, various from Nerdy Derby, to maker education workshops.

For this year’s Maker Faire, we’ll have a special area called Maker Pro Exhibition for Maker Pros from 6 different categories including startup/makersmith/project/steam/space/art to show&tell their stories and projects. We believe that this Exhibition could help those makers who are planing to improve their skills and to regard maker pros as their occupation(make living with making business projects) to know where to go and how to achieve their goals by displaying Maker Pro Stories.

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