Deng Yu is Guangdong based artist Graduated from Graduate School of Oil Painting, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

Her paintings are full of fantasy and rich imagination, showing youth’s paranoia and weakness, arrogance, and jealousy. These metaphorical symbols make the road leading to the artist’s inner state visible.


Deng Yu said “The concept of famous paintings can turn to famous paintings with a fun attitude for the younger generation. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Andy Warhol”. She hopes this series will lead the audience to follow her little rabbit.

《春风得意时》 布面丙烯

Deng Yu has always loved to paint rabbit as a theme of her paintings. She has reimagined famous painting from Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Munch, Picasso, Morandi, Frida, Andy Warhol, and Kusama.

《I am not strange, I am just not normal》

When paying tribute to Da Vinci, she bypassed the most famous Mona Lisa and chose “Baby Girl”. She said “Everyone has a masterpiece that we can’t understand or defined”

《弗里达》 布面丙烯

Deng Yu paid tribute to these masters with his own painting language and created 25 works. Beyond the classics, slowly revealing a living history of Western art. This is a matter of both art and art lovers and modest learning opportunities.