F518 Idea Land ( Creative land )

Short Introduction about F518 Idea Land

Shenzhen F518 Idea Land is the first culture industry project that Shenzhen Creative Investment Group invests and operates, which is the key project of Shenzhen’s first batch of Transformation of the Three Olds (old town, old factory and old village) project. In 2006, the company signed an agreement with Bao’an District Government on the project. It provides valuable construction and operation experience for the future raise of cultural and creative industries in Bao’an District.

F518 Idea Land project was set up on May 18, 2006, and officially opened on December 7, 2007. The total investment is RMB350 million. The land is covering 60,000sqm, with a total 140,000sqm construction area, which consist of 5 theme areas: F518 Creative Forefront, Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange, Exhibition Center, 101 Creative Exchange and Avant-garde Hotel. And it is equipped with parking lot and other supporting function areas.

Operation Mode

At present, the industrial design, creative design, animation games, smart hardware, film and television entertainment, internet and other industries formed an effective combination which has laid a good industrial base for F518 Idea Land to build the whole industry chain and improve the incubation service.

Development History

2006 – F518 Idea Land project was officially set up

2007 – F518 Idea Land was officially opened

2008-F518 held events for China (Shenzhen) International Culture Industries Fair (ICIF) for the first time as sub-venue

2009 – F518 held Creative December events for the first time

2010 – Reached 100% enterprise occupancy for the first time

2011 – Officially launched the establishment of the standard system

2012 – Officially launched “Borderless Management System” development

2013 – Preliminary implemented standardized information management

2014 – Achieved a high degree of focus on key industries and enterprises

2015 – Constructed business ecosystem within F518

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Now there are 135 enterprises settled in F518 Idea Land. Of which, 18% is of smart hardware, 7% of industrial design and product development, 8% of animation games, 20% of Internet and software development, 4% of film, television and entertainment, 32% of creative design, 4% of virtual reality, and 7% of commercial facilities.

F518 Idea Land has been providing service for nearly 3,000 enterprises so far. Currently there are about 3,700 people working here, design, research & development and other related technical personnel accounted for 70%. The intellectual property registration added up to 13138 items until now. The enterprises here won 117 awards, including Red Dot Design Award, IF, G-MARK, The Red Star and other well-known design awards at home and abroad. F518 has assisted total 470 enterprises successfully applied RMB36.2 million financial support from government. And the total output value of the enterprises in F518 is about RMB8 billion, operating income of RMB2.479 billion, total tax of RMB124 million. There are 1214,000 pieces of creative works from F518. There are 53 investment agencies working closely with F518 and nearly 80 enterprises received various rounds of investment, total funding amount of RMB230 million. F518 has held more than 1,000 events, and comprehensive media coverage up to 3020 articles.

Events and Activities at F518

China (Shenzhen) International Culture Industries Fair (ICIF):

Since 2008, Shenzhen Creative Investment Group has been holding events and activities for China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF) at F518 as a sub-venue. These events and activities are aim to tap and promote the outstanding creative projects through project transaction, product release, high-end forums and other forms, to promote the development of China’s original creative force, to build a bridge between government, business and cultural industries, to encourage independent innovation of enterprises, to promote the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, and to make contribution for cultural industry development, cultural trade, promote cultural industry products and services to the world,  to enhance Chinese culture’s international influence and competitiveness. At the same time, to improve public’s awareness and understanding for culture, creativity and design through the rich events and activities at F518 sub-venue.

Over the years, events and activities at F518 sub-venue attracted more than 170,000 people and more than 500 government visiting and exchange groups. More than 9,000 exhibits and more than 400 trading items were exhibited here. Until 2016, F518 sub-venue won the honors as ICIF excellent sub-venue the first prize twice, second prize twice and third prize once.

Creative December:

Since 2005, Shenzhen launched Creative December. Creative events and activities in this month set off a wave of universal in the city of design – Shenzhen. For every Creative December, F518 Idea Land holds F518 Creative Culture Festival related to creative exhibition. Many activities and events about creative design, creative sharing and creative interaction are initiated by professionals and participated by citizens, to share the glory of creative and cultural life.

 The Future of F518 Idea Land

In 2016, F518 officially upgraded as “Home of Creators”. It will continue to play the role as standard-bearer at the forefront of the creative industry, carry the flag of creative industries, as a banner brand of global creative industry land. In the future, we will look forward to building the Creative 101 headquarter. To focus on the introduction of domestic and foreign outstanding cultural and creative enterprises, to build a vertical and horizontal integration of innovative systems for their needs of business development and collaboration, build the industry circle respectively in internet product, animation game, smart hardware, 3D technology and creative products, to promote the culture and creative industries to flourish.