Dongmen – A famous Pedestrian street in Shenzhen one of the top ten commercial pedestrian streets in the country. It is an integral part of the historical and cultural heritage of Shenzhen. Dongcheng Laojie Chenghui was one of the most traditional and popular commercial hubs in Shenzhen during the Qing Emperor Kangxi period.

It is the earliest, most mature and most prosperous business district in Shenzhen. The former Dongmen Commercial Street was mainly operated by small vendors, and the main products were low-grade and fake goods.

Today, the remodeled Dongmen Commercial Street has become a new pedestrian street that combines shopping, leisure, and tourism. The new “Dongmen East Gate” is ranked 18th in major business streets.

The establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Dongmen Street has become a gathering place for thousands of businessmen. Busy and busy business district.

Shopping in Shenzhen

Dongmen Commercial Street truly records the history of Shenzhen’s urban development. Dongmen Commercial Street is a witness to the historical stage of modernization in Shenzhen.

The reformed Dongmen Pedestrian Street was officially opened on October 1, 1999. It covers an area of 176,000 square meters, including 8 municipal roads, 1 fashion street, and 3 large leisure plazas. It has become a modern commercial that retains its traditional charm.

East Gate shopping environment is first-rate, many well-known businesses stand shoulder to shoulder here, all kinds of goods are readily available.

There is a lot of things here also the price is very cheap If you are ready to bargain like true Chinese.

Dongmen old street

Dongmen Old Street is located in the central section of Luohu District, Shenzhen. It holds hundreds of years of cultural and historical heritage, commercial exchanges. Especially after the reform and opening up to thousands of shops spread throughout the city and a variety of buildings.

For a long time, “East Gate” has become a banner of Shenzhen’s business industry, reflecting and guiding consumer trends and fashion in Shenzhen.

The area is always full of people, and it is full of energy until midnight and It reveals a strong commercial culture and lively atmosphere. It is the most popular traditional business district in Shenzhen.

Therefore, the old Dongmen has always been a must for business. Numerous merchants are attracted by the unique commercial charm of dongmen, forming a situation in which Dongmen’s business is booming.