From an everyday product to large-scale infrastructure, the powerful impact of design is everywhere. BODW CityProg brings you a range of interesting activities including exhibitions, guided tours and seminars, so you can experience how design improves our lives and our neighbourhoods.

BODW City Programme

BODW CityProg (CityProg) is a citywide creative business and community activation programme that features 3 distinct platforms: “Anchor Sites Festivals”, “Design EduVation” and “Satellite Events & Offers”.

The programme activates local creative neighbourhoods by connecting creative units, business and community organisations through co-creation, exchange, matching and partnership. As new alliances and ideas start to flourish, CityProg engages people of all ages with exciting happenings, enhances public spaces, and encourages creativity and design to take wing in the community, fostering the development of local creative ecosystems.

As an extension of Business of Design Week (BODW), CityProg spans from November to December of each year, with major happenings occurring during the BODW period, i.e. 30 Nov – 8 Dec 2019. It was debuted in 2018 by Hong Kong Design Centre, with Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor.