“DESIGN H(ij)ACK”: while “HACK” has been widely used to describe the destructive behavior of anarchist activism, “HIJACK” is to interrupt the original continuity of an ongoing process and divert it towards its (hijacker’s) own desired course or purpose. This program proposes to merge these two phenomena.

The main objective of the program is to generate tangible prototypes and solutions along the theme of “DESIGN H(ij)ACK – When Art & Design Meet Public Space”. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is a necessity, combined with strong knowledge integration from research, concepts, design, to execution.

“DESIGN H(ij)ACK” encourages all participants to think differently, design efficiently, and work economically, mostly important: collectively. May it be a discarded chair, an abandoned Hutong space, or public infrastructure that is no longer functioning or valid, through “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” interventions are expected to become innovative inventions. Collaborative initiatives within architecture and public art will be emphasized.

We will address different areas of design that manifest in new media technologies, social spaces, and public art. Situated in the unique context of the city of Beijing, students will produce a series of design solutions that aim to solve the pressing issues only manifested within the high-speed urbanization of China. Since this process must necessarily involve firsthand experiences, this direct engagement is key for students to excel outside the academic realm. Students will go through a full process to realize their visions from concept to production. And are expected to learn from this experience by balancing outcome and resource limitations such as labor, speed, budget, material, location, and technology. Parallel to the design program, “DESIGN H(ij)ACK” hosts a series of thematic lectures on art and architecture delivered by international masters and local art & design practitioners, simultaneously it also offers fun trips to major culture sites and production factories.


A key aspect of this program is how our mentors engage with each member of the design group. By breaking down the traditional hierarchy of roles usually characterizing relationships between teacher and pupil or master and apprentice, it creates a platform for reciprocal exchanges of dialogues and co-development of ideas.  Furthermore it encourages every participant not only anticipating to the changes in the process of design development but also embracing the differences each member contributes.


/ Lulu Li (artist / designer of a collective founder, Beijing, China) / Artist / Designer / Researcher / Professor Upenn)
/ Ewa Harabaz (Artist / Professor, Harvard University Design Institute) / Burak Pekoglu (BINAA Chief Executive, Istanbul, Turkey) / Orkan Telhan (Artist / Designer / Researcher / Professor Upenn)

/ James Shen (founder of People’s Architecture, Beijing, China)
/ Thomas Kosbau (founder of ORE Design + Technology, Brooklyn, New York)

/ Artist / Curator / Writer, Beijing, China) / Matthew
(artist / curator / writer, Beijing, China)

/ Brendan Warford (artist / designer, Brooklyn, New York)/World renowned artist, Harvard University Graduate School of Art Design and Public Domain

Professor Krzysztof Wodiczko will serve as a visiting critic of this course.

The program will provide participants with a number of seminars, including: Grasshopper parametric design courses, Arduino programming courses and Chinese courses. At the end of this six-week plan, students will report and exhibit their work. In addition, the program provides students with a unique social environment for eating, living, working and learning, which is more conducive to the experience of experimental teaching and learning.



The total cost for the six-week program is 2,500USD.

六周总共学费: 2,500 美元

The tuition fees cover 费用包括 :

  /Instructions 授课

  /Lectures 讲座

  /Presentations 公开展示

  /Group critics 集体反馈

  /Studio Space 工作室空间

  /Model making materials 模型材料

  /Production Materials 制作材料

  /Fabrication 数字制造

  /Exhibition 展览

  /Trips 出游

  /Chinese lessons 中文课



Week #01第一周: Introduction 介绍

Week #02第二周: Research & Development 调查研究

Week #03第三周: Ideation & Conceptualization 脑暴及概念发展

Week #04第四周: Design Development 设计发展

Week #05第五周: Production & Fabrication 制作/数字制造

Week #06第六周: Presentation & Exhibition 公开展示/展览

(Extended information regarding to program schedule will be updated本计划细化排期信息正在更新中)


The main focus of our programme is the collaboration between diverse disciplines and backgrounds .

Therefore we are only offering this program to a selected number of students from the following discipline:

-6 Architects 6个建筑师

-5 Industrial Designers 5个工业设计师

-5 Programmers / Hackers 5个程序员/黑客

-4 Artists 4个艺术家

-5 Local Chinese Artist/Designers 5个中国本地艺术家/设计师

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