The world’s first global trip and It took three years to complete by the Portuguese Magellan fleet.

The second round of global tourism took place at the end of the 19th century By a Frenchman by train it took 43 days to complete.

After the invention of the aircraft, It took only 94 hours to travel around the world in 1949.  After the introduction of the supersonic aircraft, British Pusbet surrounds the world Only 14 hours and 6 minutes

Advances in technology make the impossible possible Internet of Everything Who has mastered the latest technology Can be invincible

When the design is combined with new technology Inspiration has the support of core technology Design travel around the world Can it be changed from three to 14 hours?

The pursuit of more than continuing challenges next Friday Offer a relaxed and fun design party

Date: Friday, July 20, 2018, 14:30-17:00
Venue: 19F, United Headquarters Building, High-tech Zone, No. 63 Xuefu Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

Speaker: Jiang Chao

Designer, Softwoo Industrial Design Manager


Rouyu is the world leader in flexible display, flexible sensing, VR display and related smart devices, focusing on the next generation of human-computer interaction and the development of all-Internet technology and products.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in 2012, it has won six rounds of well-known venture capital investment at home and abroad. The company has established a valuation of about US$5 billion over five years. In 2014, it launched the world’s thinnest flexible display of 0.01 mm, leading the new trend of the flexible electronics industry. In 2018, it ignited and put into production the world’s first large-scale production line of six-generation full-flexible display with independent intellectual property rights.

Speaker: Zhang Qiaoqing

General Manager of Shenzhen Finite Element Technology Co., Ltd.

Engaged in the CAE simulation industry for more than ten years, has a clear understanding of the CAE simulation industry. Leading Shenzhen finite element technology to adhere to software development as the core, to achieve seamless integration of enterprises and technology, more than ten years of precipitation, so that finite element technology has become the leader of the domestic CAE simulation industry.

Speaker: Chen Weiqi

AltairsolidThinking Senior Technical Engineer

Has long been engaged in solidThinking product related technical training and technical support work, good at 3D modeling, effect rendering, product design and solidThinking docking 3D printing technology, familiar with all kinds of 3D printing technology, rich experience in 3D printing technology application.

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New technology revitalizes new designs
A wonderful journey related to design is about to open with better designers, radically change the way people live around the world;

The cohesion of design allows us to experience a shorter distance from the future.

Today’s products are not the focus of designers in the past, but the starting point for future designers;

The divergence of design power makes us always believe in the road of design with creative power as the driving force, and there is never an end.
In design, let us play with design and cross-border, and feel creative and life;

Design, dialogue design.