Creative Design Summit: The Rebelution (surprise in the end)

An international design summit with top designers/educators from different areas including industrial design, landscape design, community and city design etc.

Introduction of the Host and Speakers

Trey Hobbs – Founder of Shenzhen Stories

The Host: Trey Hobbs

Founder of Shenzhen Stories 

Trey Hobbs holds a BA and an MFA in theatre from The University of South Carolina. Whether through lighting design, writing, set design/construction or acting, Trey has been in the theatre professionally for the last decade with companies like Trustus, NiA, Theatre SC in South Carolina, or Theatre Unspeakable and Black Ensemble Theatre in Chicago. Now living in Shenzhen, Trey is an English voice actor at Fantawild Animation for the hit children’s properties Boonie Bears and Boonie Cubs as well as Theatrical releases from the Boonie Bears franchise. He is extremely proud of being the founder and host of Shenzhen Stories, a live event whose focus is to build international community through the art of storytelling. He is thrilled to be working alongside F518 and to be sharing the stage which all of the talented designers.


Tommaso Rodolfo Masera

Co-founder of Masera Design

Tommaso Rodolfo Masera graduated in Industrial Design at Milan Polytechnic and has worked as an industrial designer since. In 2012 he founded Masera Design with his products being featured in international exhibitions such as 100% Design London, Shenzhen Design Museum, Florence Design Week, Shenzhen Design Week and has been published in design magazines. In 2016 he launched his own watch brand, Atto Verticle and won the Silver A’Design Award in 2017.


Tosca Killoran

Director of Level 5

Tosca Killoran has been teaching in the IB international community in Asia and Europe since 2000. Tosca acts as an EDTech consultant to international schools as well as a presenter and keynote speaker at conferences and professional development sessions. As a doctoral student, Tosca has published research focuses on innovation in education. She co-founded ED-ucation Publishing, founded TEDxYouth@BIS, and TEDxYouth@NIST in order to give a voice to #youthchangemakers. She is an Amazon bestseller author of children’s books and currently the director of Level 5, an innovation hub, in Shekou, China.


Anthony Pontillas

Independent Industrial Designer

Anthony Pontillas is an Industrial designer and a portrait photographer based in Shenzhen, China. Born and raised in the Philippines. The moment Lawrence started his first year of university, he felt a sense of freedom by havingfound the means to express himself through arts and design. From then on, design became a lifestyle and everything around him turned into ideas and concepts. Lawrence’s explorations are based more on creating organic and genuine lifestyle through furniture design; something close to nature that brings us back to simple living. Very much like the island lifestyle in the Philippines. He spends his free time as a portrait photographer and a retoucher. He believes that everyone is special in their own ways; individuality is what pushes him to create unique moods in every photo. Having a design background, his photos are mostly influenced by color, lines, and texture. As he experiences and explores more on this journey of design and photography, he will always feel that it is a lifestyle to be shared.

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YanJuan Liu

Deputy General Manager of Huaqiang Fantawild Animation Inc.

YanJuan Liu (Jenny) is the Deputy General Manager of Huaqiang Fantawild Animation Inc. She has 15 years of experience in the field of animation including the development process of China’s hit cartoon, Boonie Bears. She has seen the project from its birth and has managed it through its TV series all the way through its many theatrical releases.


Micahel Patte

Founder of Riptide Studio

With 20 years of experience in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, including 10 years in China, Michael Patte holds the prestigious title of “Paysagiste D.P.L.G.” “Diplomed By The Government”-The highest and most respected landscape design certification in France. Michael is a member of the “Federation Francaise du Paysage” (FFP) and member of the European Federation of Landscape Architects (EFLA). He has developed many projects, characterized by an elegant and poetic design while being pragmatic and rigorous.


Ole Bouman

Director of Design Society

Ole Bouman, former Creative Director of the Urbanism/Architecture Bi-City Biennale Shenzhen (2013-14), was appointed Director of Design Society in January of 2015 to benefit from his multiple experiences in creative leadership. He was the editor-in-chief of Volume, a magazine he co-founded with Rem Koolhaas and Mark Wigley. His publications include The Invisible in Architecture (co-author, 1994) and Architecture of Consequence (2009). Between 2006 and 2013, Bouman was the director of Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI). He worked as a curator for Manifesta 3 (2000), and the architecture Biennales of Shenzhen, São Paulo, and Venice. Bouman taught architecture and design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Hong Kong.


Dr. Priscilla Chueng-Nainby

Researcher at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh

Design Activist

Dr. Priscilla Chueng-Nainby is design activist, academic, and poet based in Edinburgh. She is currently the postgraduate supervisor at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, workshop leader for MSC digital media design at Edinburgh College of Art, TU Delft’s Design United Fellow and visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art London. Her work lies in practice-based research on design thinking methods to co-design with communities for digital and social innovation. She is currently investigating the complex structure of collective imagery embodied between co-designers which allows envisioning and enacting during social and digital innovation. Recent experimental workshops explored the use of community weave installation as embodied co-design tools to allow creative emergence cycle to unfold itself. Priscilla leads workshops and talks in Europe and Asia at places such as University of the Arts London, TU Delft, Kent Institute of Art and Design, and the Glasgow School of Art; Tsinghua, Hunan, JiangNan Universities. Priscilla’s ‘Collective Kindness’ installation was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week and Hong Kong Social Innovation Festival. She has led community engagements such as village regeneration at Inner Mongolia, diabetes prevention in Scotland, Sick children hospital service design at the Netherlands.