Do you ever feel overwhelmed by work piling up around you? Stressed by ongoing chaos? I used to be like this. But not any more!

Having learned to prioritise and break down large jobs (see the one thing that will change your life) I am now chilled (most of the time), efficient and achieve more than I used to.

You can be like this too.

Here I share my copywriting process, split into manageable tasks, to show you how to do it…

My copywriting process

Task one: pre-writing

When you contact me, we’ll have a brief chat so I can determine if I can accept the project. Then I’ll send you an initial proposal (task one = drafting this). Once you’ve signed the contract and paid a deposit we’ll begin.

The writing process

Each project starts with a briefing session (task two) where we’ll talk through the finer details of the project and complete a brief questionnaire. It’s helpful if you can give time and thought to your project before this session to get the most out of it. Then I can write the best possible copy for you. We can have this session face-to-face or on the phone/ skype, but I can also send you the questionnaire by email (in advance if that helps).

Then I start the writing (task three) which I split into several smaller tasks, normally completed in this order:

  1. Initial research: In depth research helps me to really understand what you want/ need. It may include reading your existing websites, brochures, blog posts etc., checking out your competitors, and interviewing relevant people. The better the research the better your copy will be.
  2. Planning: Good planning means I can be more efficient when I start writing.
  3. Further research: This is often needed to fill in any gaps.
  4. Writing the first draft: Often the first piece of copy you’ll see, you now have the chance to review it and send me feedback. I appreciate honest feedback and will use this to fine tune your copy.
  5. Writing the final draft: Having taken on board your feedback I will produce the final draft. But if you need more drafts, that’s okay.
  6. Proofreading: The essential last step of the writing process, this ensures there are no errors. Your copy will be of the highest quality.

Once you’re happy with the final proof we can sign off the project (task four) and I will invoice (task five) you for any remaining payment.

By completing one task at a time I get through this process without feeling overwhelmed. And even when you have several jobs on the go at once, as long as you still only do one thing at a time you’ll be fine. You’ll find that when the unexpected does happen and you have to drop everything for a while you’ll still feel on top of things.

So what are you waiting for? I’d love to hear about your successes.

[This article first appeared on on 17/09/18]


Shenzhen Blog Editor