The next exciting startup on the list of top Shenzhen startups for 2019 is Codemao, an edtech platform that is helping children learn how to program. It has raised $65 million till date from two funding rounds.

The Shenzhen based startup participated in the Series C funding round in May 2018 securing $47 million from it. The round was led by CMB International Capital and also featured Green Pine Capital, Shanshui Venture Capital, and The Beijing News. The last round has put the company in the spot light this year and also for next year as one of the top Shenzhen startups for 2019.? Codemao was co-founded by Tianchi Li and Yue Sun in 2015.


Shenzhen Point Cat Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Programming Cat) was established in Shenzhen in March 2015. It independently developed a famous domestic graphical programming tool platform, including 2D graphical programming creation platform “source code editor” and 3D graphical programming creation.

Platform “code island” and teacher teaching management system “future classroom”. By learning to program cats, young users can easily create whimsical games, software, animations, interactive stories, etc., and exercise all aspects of logical thinking, task dismantling, interdisciplinary integration, aesthetics and teamwork. Comprehensive literacy such as ability to establish a solid STEAM discipline foundation.

In December 2017, the programming cat won the “New Beijing News” with its good student base, widely available technology platform, active online community, gamified teaching mode and complete curriculum system.

The “China Chuangke” title was unanimously recognized by the top 70 investors including Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Xiong Xiaoge, and Zhou Hongyi in terms of innovation, application scenarios, contributions, and operational capabilities. At the end of the year, it has successively won the heavyweight awards such as Tencent 2017 “Resounding China” annual influence online education brand and 2017 entrepreneurial dark horse TOP100 “most potential startup company”.

In April 2018, the programming cat was successively reported by the People’s Daily and the People’s Political Consultative Conference. After 2017, he was re-elected as Hurun Report’s “Top 100 Most Valuable New Star Enterprises in China” and was the largest child in Asia. Coderjodo, a programming education charity, is hailed as “the best graphical programming tool platform in the world.” In October 2018, the programming cat was certified by the internationally renowned educational quality assessment agency Finland Kokoa International Education Standard.


Stable technology leadership

1. Programming Cat’s complete tool matrix includes 2D version of Kitten, 3D version of Box, Kids for 4-6 years old programming education, and Nemo mobile graphical programming tool. Personalized and gamified creative function design is further reduced. Children learn programming thresholds;
2, programming cats independently created language Kitten has more powerful functional design than Scrach, abandoning flash link barriers, double the number of Scratch blocks, taking up only 1/5 of Scratch memory Support multi-person collaborative programming and powerful cloud variable functions, easy to transfer to Python, JavaScript language, access to more than 100 kinds of hardware, with the advantage of long-term accumulation of iteration.

Powerful artificial intelligence teaching system

1. Domestic original programming teaching management and curriculum resources integration cloud platform;
2. Integration of full-dimension programming cat creation learning tools;
3. Built-in K12 and college full-core core programming cat courses;
4. Fully open programming discipline teaching, learning, management , testing, evaluation, training, and teaching links;
5, the system has covered all kinds of teaching scenes before, during and after class;
6, can provide statistical analysis of multi-dimensional teaching quality;
7, really help students to establish a comprehensive programming discipline Comprehensive literacy, to achieve personality development;
8, stationed in more than 4,000 primary and secondary schools in China, deep into the public education system.

Rich school resources

1. More than 400 R&D teams, most of whom come from well-known universities at home and abroad such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Paris 11th University, Kyoto University, etc., and have relevant educational work experience; more than 30% have overseas study/work background, core The technical elite includes Swedish architects from Google and Apple, Italian game designers, American graphic engine developers, etc.
2. The core experts of the Information Technology Curriculum Group of the Ministry of Education are the teaching and research consultants, and jointly develop nearly 100 first-line teachers from all over the country. ;
3, the main research and development of advanced matrix of PBL curriculum system and unique project-based learning model, years of teaching experience, experience has one million users praise.

Founder introduction

Li Tianchi

Programming cat CEO

European Institute of Innovation and Technology Human-Computer Interaction and Design; 2014 EPA French Entrepreneurship Competition; September 2009 was selected as “Hurun 30X30 Entrepreneur Leader” list; has been selected in 2017 Forbes China, 2018 Forbes Asia 30 under 30 years old elite list .

Sun Yue

Programming cat CTO

European Institute of Innovation and Technology Human-Computer Interaction and Design; European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT Labs full scholarship winner; 2014 EPA French Entrepreneurship Championship; F-Secure and Finland Aalto University Machine Learning Competition champion; selected 2018 Forbes Asia 30 An elite list under 30 years old.

Teacher presentation

Li Wei

Programming cat chief education consultant

Harvard University School of Education PhD / Brown University School of Education Tenured Professor / Tsinghua University Su Shimin Scholar Project Specialist

Oliver Uvman

Programming Cat Chief Architect

Programming Cat Architect, responsible for graphical programming tools / original Google Architect.

Mikola Lysenko

Programming cat chief scientist

Programming Cat Chief Scientist, responsible for Box/Next Generation Programming Language, Top Developer of WebGL Graphical Engine, author of REGL Graphics Framework, two ACM-ICPC contest winners, Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Li Weiming

Programming cat course consultant

Member of the National Basic Education Curriculum Textbook Expert Working Committee, member of the core group of the Ministry of Education’s General Senior Secondary Information Technology Curriculum Standard Revision, member of the Education Department’s Educational Achievements Review Expert Group, Ministry of Education National Training Program Expert, Special Teacher, Master Instructor, Senior Senior Teacher ( professor).

Wang Qiong

Programming cat teaching product consultant

Professor/Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Educational Technology, Peking University School of Education, Ph.D., Computer Software, Peking University / Present Director, Modern Education Technology Branch, China Electronics Society

Programming cat team

  • 80+

    The 80+ teaching and research staff are from well-known universities at home and abroad such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Paris Eleven, Kyoto University and have relevant educational work experience.

  • More than 200

    More than 200 products + technical members have graduated from computer and education majors at well-known universities at home and abroad.

  • More than 30%

    More than 30% of members have an overseas study or work background

  • Google, Apple

    The core members worked as engineers at companies such as Google and Apple.


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