Claborate-Style painter, Founder of Dunhuang Zen Painting School

Dongsheng, Yang, also named “Buddha Painter” born in Xi’an, Shanxi Province in 1967

At age 6, interested in painting

At age 14, accepted official painting training

At age 17, followed Tongle Yang, Shendong Yang’s father, who was an expert on Dunhung murals painting and focused on Dunhuang mural paintings, China western region, and Buddhism art for over 30 years till present.

1986, participated in “Shanxi Grand Masji” old buildings paintings designed by artist’s father in Urumchi,China

1987,  covered gold glitters with father for the main Buddha figure in audience hall of Xi’An “Wolong Temple” with artist’s father.

1988, president of Shanxi Industrial Art Institute Training School

1989, 20 artworks collected during Shenzhen exhibitions

1990,artworks been admitted by artist’s father and gradually collected by industry participants

1991, accomplished inner mural designs for Western Monastery “Ten thousand Buddha Monastery”  together with artist’s father in HongKong

1992, 40 artworks were collected by industry participants in HongKong, Taiwan, named “The second Zhang Daqian” by HongKong Asia Television Weekly

1993-1994, finished all kinds of big sized Sutra illustration in “Xing Shan Temple” the east wing studio in Xi’An; In same year became the Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary General of Shanxi Buddhism Art Seminar

1994,collected almost hundreds of masterpieces from master buddhists including Master Chang Ming, Master Jue Guang, Master Yi Cheng, Master Ren De, etc.

1995, long term study on Dunhung Art and Buddha Art at “Small Wild Goose Pagoda” studio in Xi’An

2000, previous collected artworks were exhibited in Malaysia

2001, drew large-scale mural “Meitreya Sutra“ for Ci’en Temple Greater Wild Goose Pagoda’s 7th floor in Xi’an, lasted 18 months; at the mean time responsible as the dean of Xi’an Western Regions Art Study Institute

2004, held “Buddhism Beauty DunHuang Exhibition” in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia under invitation from Australia 3CW Chinese Radio, Australia China Commercial Daily, Fo Guang Shan Dao Chang

2005-2006, study the art market in Shangdong Province (Huaifang, Jinan, Zibo, Yantai)

2007, study the art market in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shunde, Guzhen, Huizhou)

2008, finished artwork “Tang Mi” and “Sutra Gratitude” in Xi’an Xihang Studio

2009, arrived in Shenzhen and established Shenzhen studio, “Dunghuang Zen Culture Art Academy” and “Dunhuang Zen Art Center”, and wrote “Buddha Script”

2010, created murals for Feng Sheng Old Temple

Shengdong Yang born quite and peace. He is into poems, music, gold stone engraving

Single pen single piece, single flower single grass, single leaf single Buddha

In a simple, quiet, peaceful vibe, Dunhuang discourse as we have been expecting will pull art and hearts closer , “Anxious free and pure thought” tempering. During the meeting there will also be scent of Buddhism, books, tea to soften and moist our hearts. Talking with teacher (the artist) will bring “scent in language” to comfort the agitated hearts.



April.15th 1:30pm-2:00pm activity sign in, 2:15pm discourse begins


Grand lobby, Finance Base Building 2, Ke Yuan Road No.6, Science & Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Holly Lu


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