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CHURCH PLUS – Slogan is my new religion.

Artist  Mei Le
Curators  Angela Li
Exhibition  Jul. 13th to Sept.10th.
Opening Hours Tue. to Fri.   14:00 – 18:30
Sat. to Sun. 11:00 – 19:00
Venue No.23 Qiming 3rd Rd, East 2 Gate, Qiming community
Organizer ART23 Contemporary Art Gallery


In today’s Internet age, people’s attention is highly distracted and desires keep expanding, and the contradiction between the rapid economic growth and diversified values brings new challenges to artists. In his exploration of the inner world of both individuals and groups, contemporary avant-garde artist Mei Le decorates posters, neon lights, and derivative products with slogans to bring a new-generation experience to the audience.

Mei Le tries to make art part of people’s daily life by utilizing slogans to give ordinary objects spiritual meaning. With a sharp eye for young people’s humor and cultural trends, he uses witty slogans to present young people’s attitudes in a straightforward way. Behind the seemingly shallow and arrogant slogans show the characteristics of the times. In this exhibition, which is actually a dialogue between the artist and the public, it is the interaction between each individual audience and the slogans that make the works meaningful.

The theme “CHURCH PLUS” stems from the artist’s observation of the digital age, consumerism, class vanity, interpersonal relationship, etc. The word Plus, which has become familiar to the public because of the Plus version of the iPhone, meets exactly people’s demand for something “better”.

The church is the place where the spiritual world and the individual soul meet face to face. There, people contemplate things like self-salvation, desires, giving and taking, and responsibility. What CHURCH PLUS discusses is the spiritual sanctuary of modern people. On the one hand, it criticizes vanity and desires; on the other, it raises the question: should human faith exist in a form that keeps abreast with times and is more contemporary?

Human needs are expressed in an overt way in CHURCH PLUS, where slogans can be seen everywhere. What is written is what is meant; what is seen is what is perceived – thus communication with God becomes highly simplified, with no need for prayer and conjectures. If the traditional church brings peace of mind, then CHURCH PLUS by the artist makes one feel relaxed and happy. However, is this temporary positive mood an upgraded version of peace? This is a question worth pondering over.


梅乐 MEI LE – Artist, photographer.

The forms of creation include installations, videos, comprehensive materials, performance art, etc. The works have been exhibited at home and abroad, including the Art Basel Hong Kong. Merle’s art path, experiencing the exploration of business and pure art, adheres to its direction in a low-key, calm attitude. Recognized and praised by internationally renowned designer Franck Gehry for his unique artistic thinking and working style.


Since 2013, Merlot has worn red robes to attend numerous exhibitions and brand events, including Chanel, Dior and Jil Sander. The red robes have become a prominent personal symbol, which has attracted wide attention in the art and fashion circles. In the field of photography, portraits are the main characters. He has worked with the media such as “China Daily”, “Mr. Fashion” and “Timeout” for a long time. He was invited to design a cover for “The World of Fashion in ELLE”, endorsing the anti-fur theme of PETA Animals and designing PETA joint-friendly bags, and became Adidas’ “self-sustaining” guest model.


Exhibition experience

2012 Pop Portrait / Beijing

2013 Last Supper / Beijing

2013 Summer In The City/Shanghai

2014 The Factory Project/Hong Kong

2014 Art Basel / Hong Kong

2015 Red Tent / Yang Art Museum Beijing

2016 Taohuayuan/Beijing

2017 Taohuayuan·Warsaw/Poland

2017 Taohuayuan·Berlin/Germany

2017 Taohuayuan·Darmstadt/Germany

梅乐在柏林拜访艺术家AA Bronson
梅乐在柏林拜访艺术家AA Bronson


关于我们|About us

ART23 is a laboratory for young artists to explore the dialogue between their works and time and space, the symbiosis, and transcendence of artists and works, as well as the interaction between works and the public. In the thriving cultural industry in China, ART23 upholds bold exploration and experimentation.

ART 23 Contemporary Art Gallery is located in the center of Guangzhou. The gallery was founded in 2015 by an elite team of London art graduates. We aim to promote the understanding of contemporary art, by providing a platform for academic discussion and cultural exchange.

Through the provision of open studios, workshops, exhibition spaces and academic programs we are able to work closely with outstanding artists, thinkers, and audiences from all over the world.

Venue No.23 Qiming 3rd Road, East 2 Gate, Qiming community

Direction Underground: Dongshankou, Exit E/F.

Time 14:00-18:30, from Fri.

11:00-19:00 from Sun.

Available Parking Jincheng Hotel

email   [email protected]

tel   18819805255

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