Chinese/French SciFi and Fantasy Exhibition in Shekou


The Management and Service Center for Expats will cooperate with the Science Fiction Growth Fund and other organizations to bring Chinese visitors a special exhibition of the Utopiales science fiction festival in Nantes.

This Exhibition in Shekou contains these imaginative and artistic Utopiales illustrations, and also there will be award-winning works and other works of instructors from the Morning Star Award in the exhibition.

Are you hooked? This year, you don’t have to go to France to see the exhibits.

Look forward to your visit!

Time: Nov 16 – Nov 26, 2018

Location: All City Mall

Cost: Free

Address: 2nd Floor, Houhai Bin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (Haiyue station)

Chinese Address: 蛇口宝能太古城二层连廊


Jules Verne and Utopiales

Jules Verne, a 19th century French author, is famed for such revolutionary science-fiction novels as ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ and ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.’

In all, Verne authored more than 60 books (most notably the 54 novels comprising the Voyages Extraordinaires), as well as dozens of plays, short stories and librettos. His works of imagination, and the innovations and inventions contained within, have appeared in countless forms, from motion pictures to the stage, to television.

Verne’s birthplace Nantes (France) had a profound impact on his writing.

Creativity is the key word in Nantes. It is a source of amazement and emotions, and it brings people together. Nantes is a city of art and history that inspired the imaginary world of Jules Verne. Building on the heritage left by Jules Verne and the surrealist past of the city, the Utopiales, International Festival of Science-Fiction, held since the year 2000, is now believed to be the largest sci-fi festival in Europe.

Credits: This post was taken from ShekouDaily

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