China is entering the era of digital TV by end of the year

China is entering the era of digital TV by end of the yearThe State Administration of Radio and Television announced yesterday China’s terrestrial digital television coverage network has been established. Wireless analog TV will withdraw from China’s history.

China is entering the era of digital TV by end of the year. This is a major achievement in the field of radio and television in the absolute victory of a society and a forceful battle against poverty.

It marks major progress in the standardisation and equalisation of my country’s radio and television basic public services. The state has issued a series of policies to encourage and support the development of cable TV and direct broadcast satellite digital home coverage.

The main feature of the transmission coverage system has continually developed, and China has become a major country in the development of the digital broadcasting system.

The number of cable TV and direct broadcast satellite users in the country has reached 210 million and 130 million, More than 5,000 transmitters and tens of thousands of digital TV transmitters cover vast urban and rural areas. Through the multi-channel transmission coverage system, viewers turn on the TV. You can watch digital TV programs.

The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television will further focus on the “three regions and three states” and other poverty-stricken areas, promote the upgrading of radio and television transmission coverage.

Also strive to improve the TV viewing effect in poor areas, and use wired, wireless, and direct broadcast satellite comprehensive coverage to help poor areas. The masses receive clearer TV signals, more abundant and diverse TV programs, improve the viewing experience, enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life.


Shenzhen Blog Editor