China Folk Culture Village

China Folk Culture Village is China’s first large-scale cultural tourist area with a mix of folk arts, folk customs, and residential buildings in a park. China’s folk culture village is basically the whole of China famous and historical places in a park in miniature size.

The Chinese Folk Culture Village was completed and opened in October 1991. There are currently 22 ethnically typical 25 villages, most of which are built according to the ratio of 1:15 of the landscape. When you enter the folk culture village you will get immersed in the Songkran Festival and Of course, you can also enjoy the magical Ayi Mountain in the Dongzhai style.

Here you can learn about folk arts and crafts, taste ethnic flavor foods, watch the real horse battle of “Golden dynasty”, ethnic music and dance of “Oriental Seduction,” and “Dragon and Phoenix Dance China” to personally experience the rivers and boats.

There are ethnic style celebrations, performances, folk arts and crafts demonstrations regularly. The Chinese National Fair, the Songkran Festival, Torch Festival, Xishuangbanna Style Month, and Inner Mongolia Customs happening every Week. Many different Festival of showing each side of the country’s authentic culture, folk customs of the nation allow visitors to fully experience the soul and charm of China.

They have received more than 50 million Chinese and foreign tourists, including hundreds of heads of state, governments, and international celebrities from around the world.

“One step into history and one day travels all over China”, the Splendid China Scenic Area condenses 5,000 years of history and culture in China and cultures of all parts of the country; it is the most abundant, vivid and most reflective of Chinese history, culture, ancient architecture and ethnic customs.

There is also an integrated service area in the scenic spot, Suzhou Street, which retains the characteristics of Chinese traditional commercial neighborhoods. You can enjoy snacks in Jingchuan Suyue and other places, as well as folk arts and crafts production shows and various handicrafts, native products.

The royal costumes, ethnic flavors, ethnic architecture, and folk art styles all over China. The scenic folk performances in the scenic spot have a unique charm, and they passionately participate in the thrills of the project. The large-scale performances of “Generation”, “Eastern Costume” and “Dragon and Phoenix Dance China” bring people shock and enjoy art.