China’s biggest WeChat and social marketing conference for international organizations will be held this September in Shanghai. CHina Chat is a 2 day conference dedicated not only to WeChat and chat messaging trends, but also to the chinese online social marketing.

Taking place on September 21 and 22, CHina CHat brings together the top industry speakers and experts from across China and is co-organized by 2 of the most widely respected online sources of WeChat information: China Channel (ChCh) and WalktheChat.

And this year, CHina CHat will be followed by the CHina CHat Hackathon, a 2 day WeChat Miniprogram development competition.


Some of the speakers


Industry professionals and KOLs that have successfully utilized the WeChat platform to build their business will come together for two packed days with guest speakers, panel discussions, in-depth workshops and the latest social product/service demos.

Whether you are a manager of a well-established business looking to drive traffic, or an up and coming business looking to enter the market, this content-driven event has something to offer everyone.

“Messaging is one of the hottest tech sectors globally, but it’s important not to get confused by all the recent hype”- Andrew Schorr, founder and CEO of Grata

Grata is a company helping businesses run customer service and sales on WeChat and Web in Travel’s Startup of the Year. “CHat is great because you get to hear from so many WeChat industry insiders who tend to have a more nuanced understanding of the industry than the idle speculation we see in much of the western media.”



Hungry for more? This year China Channel is proud to introduce the CHina CHat Hackathon, a 2-day event immediately following CHina CHat where people with different skills will come together to unleash their creative energy and build any WeChat Miniprogram you can think of. It’s happening on September 24 and 25, and admission is free if you’re attending CHat!

It’s a place to be crazily creative, expand your knowledge and meet new people with whom you will put the work of months into 24 hours.

You don’t need to be a software developer to participate. Marketers, designer, philosophes, or anyone else who is passionate about WeChat, software development, or achieving the impossible is welcome!


Find more details on CHina CHat and purchase your tickets here:

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Mark Your Calendars!
CHina CHat: Sept 21-22, 2pm-late, The Place
Hackathon: Sept 23-24