The Chicanos Revolution – CEET FOUAD ( Solo Show )

In 2017, the timing for CEET’s first solo show in China couldn’t be better: in honor of the year of the Rooster, his Chicanos are being heralded as a “comical, yet auspicious” ambassador for the Jardin Orange Gallery in Shenzhen.
The title of the show gives hint to the rule-breaking and unexpected changes you will see in his recent works of art.

Moving away from his traditionally “clean” and simple characters, CEET’s Chicanos have recently been evolving into a more ambitiously abstract form.

All of the dozens of Ceet’s designs were a huge hit, surprising the nearly 500 guests that came from various parts of China (including HK, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing) over the course of the evening.

There were multiple metal sculptures, a white wall of Chicanos just for taking a photo, projected videos and hand-made drawings.

Outside the entrance of the gallery, there was a Chicanos-covered DS-6 parked outside.

“It is my first solo show in China’s gallery, It took us 3 months to prepare. Thanks to the team of Jardin Orange, we managed to present my artwork in different forms, I am very happy to see the result. Art comes from life and should serve life”.  At the end of the evening, buses escorted guests to the afterparty at Shark Restaurant in Cocopark, Futian district.

The exhibition is open for a period of one month and can be accessed free of charge, not need to apply for an invitation card (opening hours: every Tuesday – Sunday, 3 pm – 10 pm). you may enter the SoFun Land library.
Young and talented artists, we warmly welcome you to join our project to further develop your talent. We believe that Chinese artists will be more easily brought onto the world’s stage, as China’s art market continues to develop.

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