CEET solo exhibition Raining Colors in Hong Kong

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CEET solo exhibition Raining Colors

CEET Fouad, a French urban artist from Toulouse, will have his solo exhibition “Raining Colors” at Amanda Wei Gallery in Hong Kong on September 1st.

Graffiti artist and painter CEET [pronounced: “see-TEE”] has been active and prolific on the international art scene since the mid-eighties. Experimenting with various applications of acrylic, oil, and spray paint, Ceet’s work has a strong urban identity with Pop Art colour shades. In recent years, Ceet Fouad has been focused on his “Chicanos” series.

There’s a funny story behind: when CEET landed in China in 2002 he found himself in a restaurant, with no other choice that having to draw what he wanted to eat. Chicken. It was the first time he ever drew his famous chicken, making his friends laugh. These initial doodling started as a joke, soon evolved and was transferred into something bigger – and in to a large canvas.


And drove the attention. And the interpretations:

“The chicken reference symbolized his experiences of living amongst the densely populated Chinese people of the city”

“The cartoonish chickens portrayed by the artist mirror the emotions and personalities of human beings. Through his colorful and humorous approach, Ceet makes a bold modern critique of societies ‘followers’ who are afraid to stand out as individuals and points out that, most people just chicken-out!”

Advertising companies and lifestyle brands also call on his talent and CEET has been an art ambassador to global brands like Adidas, Airbus, Ecko, Loewe, Moiselle, and Prada.

About the Gallery
Amanda Wei Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Central, Hong Kong. The Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by young artists, as well as introducing international artists that are new to the Hong Kong art scene.

Not only known for his prevalent graffiti art featured on buildings around the world, CEET is also a prolific canvas and sculpture artist. No matter the size or shape, CEET’s work always adds a new world of colors to any wall. Join us on September 1st to see CEET’s latest explorations of his “drippy” Chicano chickens!


“Raining Colors”

Opening: Friday, Sept 1st. [email protected] – 9pm

From 1st September till 1st October 2017

Amanda Wei Gallery

Shop B, Lower Ground Floor Wilson House.
19 – 27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong



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