Smart Construction: How AI and Machine Learning Will Change the Construction Industry

These days, seemingly everyone is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. I have written about disruptions in the

Changes in Manufacturing: How Will Different Generations Adapt?

We categorize everything, from subgenres of music to which foods are the healthiest. But most categorization occurs between generational

7 Failures of Business Growth

If you want to stand out in today’s marketplace, you must work smarter, not harder. This is easier said

5 Sales Strategies Not Found in How-to Books

As a salesperson, you’re trained to ask customers what they want in terms of your product offerings. That’s wise

Privacy is dead! Tips to increase online privacy

Privacy is dead. In this age of digital empowerment, privacy is a mere myth. With the ‘digitalisation’ of everyday

Keeping Up is a Fool’s Game

Many business consultants agree that benchmarking is imperative to strategic planning. By using metrics, a business will study the

Co-Making in the City | 2018 Maker Faire Shenzhen Forum

 Maker Faire Shenzhen Forum  Co-Making in the City The Maker Movement has evolved from a set of activities by a small

Dust Settled! Let’s Rock MFSZ2018 on October 12-14th, at The Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Hey community, sorry for keeping you waiting. Huge news to update, Maker Faire Shenzhen 2018 will take place on October

Digital Fabrication & Smart City Meetup w/ MIT-spinoff Multimer

Nowadays, our society has been shaped by many different elements. Have you been wondering how all these elements interact with


Smart Shenzhen” Innovative Products Showcase 2018 is one of the important activities of Edinburgh-Shenzhen Smart Innovation Week. Location: Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh Date

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