Learning to Master the Art of Your Career

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living — whether you work in medicine or retail, law or

Use Anticipation to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity

For the longest time, cable television was a miraculous technology that not everybody had in their homes, mostly because

Future of Work: The New Age of Employment

For the past century, the work of every car designer has focused on one central activity – driving! The art

Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Do you remember when MTV was the best way to get in front of the teen and young adult

23 Percent of Workers Regret Switching Jobs: Here’s How to Make the Right Move

Just because a career opportunity sounds exciting doesn't mean it's the right move. New research published in January by GoBankingRates found

Social Media Habits That Will Help Your Brand Thrive

Many who fail on social media neglect to follow some of the obvious best practices. Virality doesn’t happen by accident. Clever

3 Lessons for Leaders from the Growth of Netflix’s Original Content

Netflix may have put competitors out of business -- but it's also created a blueprint for others to follow. Netflix's

Managing Vendor Risk. How Tim Cook and the coffee seller near my home have the same problem!

There is a coffee shop close to where I live, and the owner is a friendly man. He begins

The Risks of Sticking with Legacy Technology

Legacy technology is like that old pair of jeans you wore as a teenager. “They are comfortable” was always

Smart Construction: How AI and Machine Learning Will Change the Construction Industry

These days, seemingly everyone is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. I have written about disruptions in the

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