Category: Emotional Intelligence

Self Evaluation: 10 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself

Have you asked yourself the tough questions? Regardless of our age, at each stage of life, we should take a

Smart Construction: How AI and Machine Learning Will Change the Construction Industry

These days, seemingly everyone is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. I have written about disruptions in the

The Industry 4.0 Advantage

This visceral image of “industry” being gritty and exclusively blue-collar is true to some degree, but when “4.0” is

Artificial Intelligence: Disruption or Opportunity?

Artificial intelligence (AI), one of twenty core technologies I identified back in 1983 as the drivers of exponential economic


From Human to Humanoid

As I scrolled my way down the WhatsApp inbox, the stroll down the memory lane was filled with broken

Will A.I. Disrupt Your Profession?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a technological advance for humankind that has some people excited and others terrified of what


“Celebrating” goodness: What does it signify?

Ever came across a video showing an act of kindness that went viral? Ever seen a picture depicting one

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