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StartmeupHK Festival Informs, Entertains and Spotlights Hong Kong as a Perfect Location for Innovative Startups

Hong Kong's annual StartmeupHK Festival, organised by Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), ended last Friday (January 25) with the venue

StartmeupHK Festival 2019 – Day 5 Highlights (25 Jan, Fri) – AI & Education

AI & Education looks beyond classic friend-or-foe relationship between AI and humans to explore how technology can make us

StartmeupHK Festival 2019 – Day 4 Highlights – Part 2: The Connected Cities Conference

Connected Cities Conference Highlights ‘People’ Factor for Smart City Development GBA a 70m population game changer; 15-minute living circles to

StartmeupHK Festival 2019 – Day 4 Highlights – Part 1: JUMPSTARTER

ASA Innovation Wins JUMPSTARTER as Alibaba’s Joe Tsai Gives 3 Tips to Entrepreneurs Innovation needs to be bottom-up, says Tsai; HK policies,

Indian scientists protest against unscientific claims made at conference

For the second time in four years, the Indian Science Congress has been used as a platform for outlandish

NASA telescope spots black hole shrinking!!!

About 10,000 light years away from Earth, a black hole is engaged in a stellar feast, devouring the gases

The Truth : Starting-Up and Facing Failures

Hit play and listen to this while reading: Eye of the Tiger Forward and share with all start-up founders, aspiring

Now, AI can easily break text CAPTCHA

A new study suggested that text-based CAPTCHAs, one of the most widely used website security mechanisms, are no longer

People in China are going crazy for online quiz apps

On the frosty winter’s evening of January 3, Wang Sicong, the son of Wanda Group’s billionaire Chairman Wang Jianlin,

Scientists have developed a ‘GPS’ system that can track inside the human body

The in-body GPS system is based on a wireless technology that MIT previously developed to detect heart rate, breathing

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