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What Is “Share of Culture”​ — And Why Do You Need It?

The Secret Metric Shaping Consumer Identity. It's one thing to inspire customers' loyalty. Defining their tribe takes it to

5 Entrepreneurs Share How They’ve Handled Client Disasters

Client disasters don’t have to be catastrophic. When customers go from being satisfied buyers to brand haters, companies should

If Finding Happiness at Work Feels Overwhelming, Here’s Where to Start

Snag happiness for good by changing your perspective on everything you’ve got on your to-do list. We all want to

Marketers Must Learn to Anticipate Content Trends

Do you remember when MTV was the best way to get in front of the teen and young adult

Do You Struggle Being Relatable? These Tips Can Help

John Donne’s 1624 admonition that “No man is an island” still applies today, especially in the case of business

3 Ways Your Small Business Can Make a Big Difference

When speaking about mom-and-pop or emerging businesses, the term “small” is a bit of a misnomer. Not only can

Social Media Habits That Will Help Your Brand Thrive

Many who fail on social media neglect to follow some of the obvious best practices. Virality doesn’t happen by accident. Clever

Your Sales Forecast Is Broken, But You Can Still Fix It

Selling without understanding your sales funnel is like driving to an unknown location without a GPS or a map. Selling

Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Blockchain Technology

Bitcoins were introduced in 2009 to great fanfare. Although there had been predecessors, Bitcoins were framed as the first

7 Things Science Says All Entrepreneurs Should Do for Themselves

Forming new habits, not just for your business, but for yourself is essential to move ahead. It is always the

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