I have discussed at length the importance of making sure that the problem you and your organization are facing is the correct problem to be focusing on. Currently, we are moving toward a post-pandemic “new normal” as we navigate the tidal wave of COVID-19. In one way or another, all industries were affected, but brick-and-mortar businesses were impacted the hardest, as they were forced to close by government-mandated stay-at-home orders.

Every industry has products or services that are commodities. From food and beverage items to household products and daily services, commodities are everywhere and make bottom-line profits harder and harder to attain due to the fact that consumers tend to view commoditized products or services with an attitude of ambivalence.

This is because, in the customers’ minds, the product or service fulfills the same need regardless of what business or organization delivers it, so paying extra for said product or service is frivolous and unnecessary if a different company offers it for much less money than yours.

In many ways, I am sure society is well aware of certain leadership principles that have stood the test of time in business environments. Personality traits such as integrity, honesty, and responsibility immediately come to mind; however, in a disruptive world, there are more that, many do not realize, are vital to professional success to find certainty.

In a previous blog, I discussed Anticipatory Leaders using accelerated Hard Trends as we transition from a global shutdown. COVID-19 is still prevalent while people are returning to their offices or to physical businesses such as restaurants, gyms and hair salons. We are only scratching the surface of how one can utilize accelerated Hard Trends in technology to increase trust as customers return to physical locations of businesses around the world.