Building Agile Companies!

“The only thing that is constant is change” (Heraclitus), and right now we are living in a very changed world.

In the last few months, a lot of the changes have been bad, but we hope that all of you are safe! Now, as countries and economies open up, the change will be good. From “fast bad” to “fast good”, and the questions arise:

Startup Grind
  • How do you build a company, or organisation, that can adapt to these rapid changes?
  • Change from outside forces, or the inevitable internal change, growing from “startup” to “scale-up”?
  • How can you help your teams and colleagues adapt?
  • How to build a sound foundation?

The answer to many of these challenges is Agile!

We are therefore proud to have Karlijn Deforche, Agile Leader at United Outcomes, on the Greater China stage during the #SGWomen Month.

Join us on the 23rd of June at 18:00. RSVP for your free ticket today.

  • Karlijn is a passionate agile practitioner with 15 years of experience managing large scale transformations.
  • Karlijn will be interviewed by Eric Byron, who has 25 years of leadership experience and is an agile coach.

After the Fireside Chat and Q&A, we will open up for a group discussion on Zoom regarding “How do we build Agile companies”. Building Agile companies need to be our top priority. As McKinsey & Company writes in their Q2 insights:

“As organisations adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, their agile teams can be a real source of competitive advantage. Such teams are typically well suited to periods of disruption, given their ability to adapt to fast-changing business priorities, disruptive technology, and digitisation.”

Tip: do go to McKinsey Insights and download the article.

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on the 23rd of June at 18:00.

This Startup Grind event will also be co-hosted with Startup Grind Stockholm so that the chance to make new friends!

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Karlijn Deforche

United Outcomes

Karlijn is a passionate agile practitioner with 15 years of experience managing large scale transformations. She has delivered strategic operational improvements as well as IT engagements across the banking and insurance sectors.

Karlijn moved to Asia 5 years ago, successfully growing the Philippines shared services entity of a global bank with 500 fte in 2 years. Since working in Hong Kong; Karlijn seeks to contribute to its technology driven transformation.


Eric Byron

Eric Byron has over 25 years of leadership experience. He has worked in various IT roles for large and small companies, including Disney and Electronic Arts (EA Sports). He co-founded an EdTech Startup in Hong Kong and is currently a partner with Ameyethon, working with startups.

Eric also makes learning games and interactive learning content for adult technical education and is a freelance agile coach and IT consultant. Fun fact: before his career in IT, Eric was a professional juggler and entertainer.


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