– Shenzhen Aibo Green Reverse Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Aibo Green is a recycling eco-Internet company that integrates the entire industry chain (including recycling information, recycling, sorting, resource recycling, etc.). Founded in 2016, the company specializes in operating the recycling industry’s entire industry chain to recycle ecological Internet companies, and establish an intelligent recycling system for recycling and recycling of renewable resources.

The use of Internet + Internet of Things technology, the construction of online recycling service systems and offline intelligent devices, improve the door recycling network, establish a city’s regular sorting center, integrate local recycling resources, and achieve renewable resources bulk trading and reverse supply chain services. I

t truly solves the painful problems of scattered, chaotic, small and inefficient in the traditional recycling industry, and provides intelligent recycling services for renewable resources for production enterprises, sales enterprises, e-commerce platforms and consumers. A service system that integrates information such as recycling information, recycling, sorting, and resource recycling into the entire industry chain.

● In 2016, the United Nations Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program China project “O2O model integrated electrical and electronic waste informal recycling industry project”.

● In 2017, it was awarded the “Green Manufacturing System Integration” project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was invested in the capital market in 2017.

● In 2018, it was designated by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission as a pilot unit for the construction of the Beijing recycling system.

Aibo Green has established a formal urban recycling system for each city by covering 23 provinces and 250 city recycling systems. It realizes garbage classification and solves the problem of dirty, chaotic and poor recycling caused by informal recycling in each city.

Business model introduction and advantages

Bo Green Collection OMO Home Recycling Service Platform

Fully understand the pain points of traditional industries, integrate recycling information, subvert the traditional recycling mode, and build on the above-mentioned door recycling, carry out offline “receiving old and selling new”, effectively connecting “underline entrance, door recycling, sorting and recycling, fine sorting, regeneration” The closed ecology of resource trade and supply chain finance. The recycling industry chain platform has shortened the recycling process and upgraded from a single profit to a multi-point profit, which greatly improved the efficiency and profitability of the industry.

Producer responsibility extension service plan

The “Promoter’s Responsibility Extension System Implementation Plan” clearly stipulates who is responsible for recycling, and it is difficult for the production enterprise to complete the entire reverse logistics process.
The recycling cost is high, and cooperation with third-party companies is the best choice. The producer responsibility extension service provided by Aibo Green has the characteristics of multi-source docking recovery information, traceability of information management and control process, multiple data statistics and output modes, and high recycling efficiency. It can fully meet the professional recycling services required by manufacturers.

Urban recycling operation system

The urban recycling operation plan demonstrates the operational capabilities of the entire process of collection, transportation, temporary storage, and disposal. Aibo Green combines the online and offline integration mechanism, combined with local municipal resources, to construct a recycling and recycling business model based on the comprehensive integration of points, lines and surfaces of communities, properties, parks and cities, forming a garbage sorting setting, door-to-door recycling.
It is a complete closed loop to transit temporary storage, to fine sorting, and then to environmental protection disposal, and the whole process is to achieve information synchronization sharing, process traceability control, safe capital circulation, and logistics optimization.

Bulk solid waste trading service platform

Solid waste direct sales is a service platform for upstream and downstream enterprises to provide renewable resource transactions through the B2B model. Provide upstream trading companies with three types of flexible trading methods: “designated buy”, “designated sell” and “platform match” to realize the management mode of system interconnection and exclusive private customers.
Solid waste direct sales use Internet technology, change the traditional manual bookkeeping mode, improve account control and accuracy, is a comprehensive service platform for customer management, transaction management and fund management for the recycling industry.

development path

After three years of development, the Aibo Green team has a stable offline recycling team of more than 30,000 people and a recycling network covering 250 cities in 23 provinces. In 2018, more than 2 million discarded household appliances were recycled, and the transaction volume reached 230 million, with an annual growth rate of 300%.
By the end of the year, it successfully applied for nearly 20 software copyrights and invention patents, and passed the certification of intellectual property management system.
Aibo Green participates in the formulation of three industry standards: “Green Supply Chain Management for Household Appliances”, “Safety Management Regulations for Waste Mobile Terminals”, and “Code for Construction and Management of Internet Flea Markets”
In November, Aibo Green undertook two major research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology: “Big Data-Based Internet + Typical Urban Recycling Resources Recycling Technology”, “Destructive Dismantling and Safe Recycling Technology for Waste Mobile Terminals”
In January, Aibo Green became one of the first batch of 13 pilot units for the construction of a new recycling and utilization system for waste electrical and electronic products in Beijing.
In October, it won the “Green Manufacturing” project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of 2017.
August collection of “Internet + home recycling” service platform online
In May, Aibo Green participated in the WEEE and EPR International Conference and won the “Green Innovation Award”
The first O2O recycling partner model in November was supported by the Global Environment Facility Small Grant China Program
In October, it won the Shenzhen Chuangke Venture Capital Support Project.
On March 23, Shenzhen Aibo Green Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
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