The famous game streamer Rose Ma launched her first photo album at this year’s book fair. She also appeared on the first day of the book fair and took photos with the fans. Rose said that she was very satisfied with the photo book: “This book is a book. I know that it’s the shell of the body and of course, there are sexy elements. I’ll try other styles, and there will be surprises in the book.”

(photo by Lai Jiajie) Source:

Asked if Rose Ma has confidence in the sales of the photo book, she also said: “I remain confident that I have estimated that the pre-sale has broken 20,000, I hope I can sell more and more.”

Rosa ma - game streamer
(photo by Lai Jiajie) Source:

Although Rose ma often laughs at “gossips”, she admits that she will receive the harassment of strange fans from time to time, and asks if she will worry about the reality going out and being followed.

(photo by Lai Jiajie) Source:

She said that she has a magic trick: “I am living in my own house out of the street. I am not afraid, even if there is a mad follower!”

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Author Damien Chow