Author: Paramjeet Singh Berwal


Michio Kaku on AI and ‘Perfect Capitalism’: Is he correct? If not, what’s next?

Neoliberalism is, according to Perry Anderson, “the most successful ideology in world history”. After all, what could be more important

AI, ‘Consent’, Data Protection and Privacy

By Paramjeet Berwal   Do people really care when companies (mis)appropriate or steal their data? On the basis of my interaction


AI and the future of Jobs

Of late, AI has become more ‘popular’ in the public discourse. I often get invited to deliver presentations and

AI and Conflict of Interest in Society

Assuming that the future will be characterised by not only advanced general AI and superintelligence but will also entail

Education in AI-future

Another of my blog posts imagining what AI future would look like. These posts are merely an imaginative take

AI-ing the human intelligence

“The fact is that we are transforming as species into a technological species – that is a fact.”- Nick

AI, Rule of Law and Justice

  ‘The rule of law’ implies supremacy of law and legal system in governance. It is supposed to be the

Social Media: to delete or not to delete?

The purpose of this post is not to delve into the discussion whether maintaining social media accounts, as most

Taste of a food product is not protected by EU Copyright law, for it is not ‘work’, rules CJEU

Levola Hengelo BV v Smilde Foods BV (Case C-310/17) Court of Justice of the European Union, 13 November 2018 The Court

Humanity in AI-future : Humanizing Robots or Robotizing Humans

People get excited seeing a robot talk or express emotions. Computer scientists jump with joy when machines can simulate

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