Arup Interactive Construction Activity


 Arup Interactive Construction Activity

*The last weekend of every month
2018.06.30 、2018.07.01
14:30 – 17:30

Design Society | SWCAC
Coastal Plaza, L1
1187 Wanghai Road, Shekou,
Nanshan Shenzhen China

Image © Design Interconnect Design Society

Arup Interactive Construction Activity

This activity was designed by Arup engineers for the V&A family learning programme in London.

Participants can use nature-inspired pieces – ‘elements’ and ‘nodes’ – to collaborate and construct an evolving lightweight structure formed from several repeated positive shapes and negative spaces.

Image © Design Interconnect Design Society

Flat 2D shapes can be slotted together to form 3D structures. Shapes may be combined in a set of methodical order to create repeat 3D forms, or combined in a more organic and playful manner to grow in a more experimental way.

Image © Design Interconnect Design Society

The afternoon of the end of each month beginning in June 2018


Design internet waiting for you

Design, create, play!

Last Weekend of every month  1 4:30-17:30 

Come to Design Society

Design, Create and Have Fun!

Image © Design Interconnect Design Society

Image © Design Interconnect Design Society

Image © Design Interconnect Design Society


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Design Internet was established by China Merchants Shekou. The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is The founding partner of the Non-profit Design Interconnection Foundation.


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