Since the urbanization process on a global scale is a great trend nowadays, ‘urban space’ has become a very motivational topic in our current society under the rapid development of the economic. ‘Urban space’ is not only the public field with countless creation opportunities but could also be a catalyst of the urban vitality and the carrier of the urban culture.

With the aim of accomplishing the sustainable urban development, it is vital to grow a co-creation strategy with the goal of creating new urban spaces, as well as up-cycled urban space or parasitic architecture to decrease environmental pollution and protect the limited nature resources. BSBcore Stainless Slabs will be the main material provided for this residency program, as a response to the new urban space under climate change.

Explore New Urban Space, the residency open call for summer 2019, we invite artists, architects and designers from all over the world to reexamine the style of establishment and maintenance of spaces in cities, to discover the diverse innovations of the new urban space.


  • Accommodation, internet and meals at P8 spark canteen are provided for free of cost

  • The necessary facilities and funds for creation, investigation and research work during the stay period

  • The sum of 10,000Yuan (RMB) per recipient / team for the cost of materials and researching works during the residency (Formal invoice is needed for reimbursement. Special circumstances require communication with the staff in advance).

  •  The sum of 2,000 Yuan (RMB) per month per recipient / team for the cost of living during the residency.

  •  The sum of 2,000 Yuan (RMB) per recipient / team for the cost of traffic (can be used on the flight ticket from your city to Changsha, Formal invoice is needed)

* The above funds are provided according to the standard of one-person treatment for applicants in a combined form.
** Please be aware of your health and life insurance during the residency are not included in the fund.
In addition to the P8 commitments, all other expenses incurred during the stay will be borne by the residents themselves. (P8 reserves the right of final interpretation) Works of artists and architects during their residence are owned by P8. P8 can selectively retain the right to exhibit works of artists.

Residency target: Contemporary artists, designers and architects from all over the world. Creative media is not limited but creative direction should be in accordance with the theme of this residency program.

Recruitment time:  From August 1st to September 1st 2019 ( Maximum 2 months if needed, resident time is agreed upon between P8 AIR and the artist)

Residency location: BROADTOWN, No.3 Broad Rd. Broad Town, Changsha county, Hunan, China.

Number of residents:  2 recipients / teams of Artists, 2 recipients / teams of Designers & 4 recipients / teams of architects (no more than 2 people per team)

Application deadline: June 30th 2019



  • The P8 Artist residency is open for artists and designers internationally.

  • The forms of creation accepted for this session: New media, architecture, sculpture, installation, public art, graphic design and interactive art.

  • If you have more than two years of experience in independent art creation, you will be given priority in applying for opportunities.


  • Bachelor architecture degree or above, linked to the architect’s field.

  • Be a creative person, with good level and affinity in the field of design, capable of analyzing and proposing new alternatives before a proposed challenge.

  • Ability to develop a small or medium range project with the use of appropriate technological tools, proficient in using relevant design software, like: Autocad, Tianzheng, Rhino, Lumion, Sketchup (or 3DMAX), PS, AI, ID, etc

  • Resilient, with good communication skills and availability of teamwork.