The 2018 Art Shenzhen will be held from September 14th to 17th, 2018 in Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The Art Shenzhen Organizing Committee solemnly announced today the list of participating galleries in 2018. This year, Art Shenzhen has a brand-new lineup of 68 contemporary art institutions. 42 galleries have returned strongly and once again gathered in Shenzhen.

At the same time, they welcomed 26 new members of the galleries; together, they presented a more exciting and diverse era for the Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.

This year, Art Shenzhen will also set up public art projects and Dawan District art ecology exhibitions in addition to the gallery section. At the same time, it will also hold a series of diversified activities such as the related collection forums; it will present a new emerging art market centered on Shenzhen and attract art. The important elements of the industry chain are to complete the construction of art information gathering places.

We will adhere to the new concept of “Global Vision, Quality Future” based on Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area, and we will continue to adjust and explore the new path of the China Contemporary Art Fair.

In 2018, we hope that we can see everyone in Shenzhen who is advancing in terms of professionalism, attitude, quality, and service to fully establish a contemporary art trading platform based on Shenzhen’s global connection.

During the exposition, various art galleries, galleries, cultural and creative institutions and cultural and creative parks in Shenzhen will present brilliant exhibitions and events. With a diverse contemporary perspective, the city will bring vitality to the city and will drive the city into the city. A new round of artistic passion.

2018 艺术深圳 参展画廊名单

Gallery List of Art Shenzhen 2018

千高原艺术空间 成都 A Thousand Plateaus Art Space Chengdu

艾可 上海 AIKE Shanghai

制造文化 深圳 Alternative Culture Making Shenzhen

艾米李画廊 北京 Amy Li Gallery Beijing

ArtCN画廊 上海 ArtCN Shanghai

艺术仓库 北京 ArtDepot Beijing

亚洲艺术中心 北京/台北 Asia Art Center Beijing

亚洲现场艺术中心 北京 Asia Scene Art Space Beijing

亦安画廊 北京 Aura Gallery Beijing

不同艺见艺术中心 北京 Another Art Center Beijing

竹空間 深圳 Bamboo Space Shenzhen

北京现在画廊 北京 Beijing Art Now Gallery Beijing

北京公社 北京 Beijing Commune Beijing

一白藝術 澳门/伦敦 BLANC ART Gallery Macao/London

博而励画廊 北京/纽约 Boers-Li Gallery Beijing/New York

本来画廊 广州 bonacon gallery Guangzhou

盒子空间 深圳 Boxes Art Space Shenzhen

晨画廊 北京 Chen Gallery Beijing

西五艺术中心 北京 C5ART Beijing

凯撒贝塞什(亚洲)艺术中心 北京/巴黎/日内瓦 Caissa Besseiche (Asia) Art Centre Beijing/Paris/Geneva

胶囊上海 上海 Capsule Shanghai Shanghai

前波画廊 北京/纽约 Chambers Fine Art Beijing/New York

东画廊 上海 Don Gallery Shanghai

爱森龙艺术空间 深圳/上海 Epsilon Art Gallery Shenzhen/Shanghai

F新空间 北京 F·SPACE Beijing

米格画廊 巴塞罗那 Galeria Miguel Marcos Barcelona

世界畫廊 香港 Galerie du Monde Hongkong

常青画廊 圣吉米那诺/北京/穆林/哈瓦那 Galleria Continua San Gimignano/Beijing/Les Moulins/Havana

秀画廊 首尔 GALLERY SU: Seoul

玛格丽特画廊 北京/上海/巴黎 Galerie Marguerite Beijing/Shanghai/Paris

今格空间 北京 Ginkgo Space Beijing

HdM GALLERY 北京/伦敦 Beijing/London

蜂巣当代艺术中心 北京/深圳 Hive Center for Contemporary Art Beijing/Shenzhen

瀚艺术空间 北京 Horizon Art Space Beijing

海涵艺术空间 深圳 HAIHAN ART SPACE Shenzhen

墨斋 北京/纽约 INK Studio Beijing/New York

觀空间 广州 Justart Space Guangzhou

库艺术中心 北京 Ku Art Beijing

Kenna Xu project 深圳 Shenzhen

狮語画廊 上海/香港 Leo Gallery Shanghai/Hongkong

丽禾艺术空间 深圳 Lia Art Space Shenzhen

北京林大艺术中心 北京/雅加达/新加坡 Linda Gallery Beijing/Djakarta/Singapore

玉兰堂 北京/上海 Line Gallery Beijing/Shanghai

MDC画廊 米兰/伦敦/香港 Massimo De Carlo Milan/London/Hongkong

德玉堂画廊 上海 Matthew Liu Fine Arts Shanghai

美成空间 深圳 Meicheng Gallery Shenzhen

美博空间 北京 MEBO SPACE Beijing

伍拾伍號院子艺术空间 北京 No.55 Art Space Beijing

香港芳草地當代藝術 香港 PARKVIEW ART Hong Kong Hongkong

芳草地画廊 北京/台北 Parkview Green Art Beijing/Taipei

艺术门 香港/上海/新加坡 Pearl Lam Galleries Hongkong/Shanghai/Singapore

站台中国当代艺术机构 北京 Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Beijing

See+画廊 北京 See+ Gallery Beijing

香格纳画廊 上海/北京/新加坡 ShanghART Gallery Shanghai/Beijing/Singapore

势象空间 北京 Shixiang Space Beijing

索卡艺术 北京/台北/台南 Soka Art Beijing/Taipei/Tainan

Tabula Rasa画廊 北京 Tabula Rasa Gallery Beijing

当代唐人艺术中心 北京/香港/曼谷 Tang Contemporary Art Beijing/Hongkong/Bangkok

Tong画廊&项目空间 北京 Tong Gallery+Projects Beijing

红鼎画廊 北京 Topred Gallery Beijing

艺·凯旋画廊 北京 Triumph Gallery Beijing

空白空间 北京 White Space Beijing

白石畫廊 香港/东京/台北 Whitestone Gallery Hongkong/Tokyo/Taipei

艺元空间 武汉 Yi Yuan Space Wuhan

汇谷艺术空间 广州 V.GORG ART SPACE Guangzhou

艺博画廊 上海 YIBO GALLERY Shanghai i

自在空间画廊 上海 ZIZAI SPACE GALLERY Shanghai

33空间 深圳 33SPACE Shenzhen