AngelHack Global Hackathon Series Shenzhen was rounded off in the Science and Technology Temple of Nanshan on July 23rd.

Hackathons are events where coders, designers, and entrepreneurs gather for a weekend flurry of caffeine-powered hacking and development. AngelHack is developer ecosystem, helping to drive open innovation of tech products, platforms and brands through its programs of global hackathons.



At Shenzhen hackathon there were a total of five teams, launching App prototype models with high marketing value. The winning team – TeamUp – was unanimously determined by the jury, said that with its largest model of the App prototype, Teamup is equipped to represent China to compete with other winning teams from other cities in Silicon Valley. The Ahaa Special Award was awarded to the Travel AR, which had immediately signed a contract with Ahaa.

The AngelHack Global Hackathon Shenzhen was organized by AngelHack, the world’s largest hackathon organization and most diverse global hacker community. With headquartered in San Francisco, AngelHack has more than 12,000 members, has harvested 50 cities hackathon experiences, from San Francisco, New York, Moscow, Sao Paulo, London, to today’s Shenzhen.



The Shenzhen hacker winning team TeamUp is invited to SF for a 12-week Hackcelerator program. In the 48 hours of hackathon, the organizer AngelHack team supported and advised all the competition teams. Deng Kun – AngelHack former champion and founder of Ahaa life APP – gave a speech about road show skills. Also Greg Curtis, strategic marketing director at Zucos Creative PR Marketing was attending the event and talked about product development.



AngelHack’s competitors are mostly developers, with a small number of entrepreneurs and designers. With the experience of Shenzhen stand, AngelHack plans to organize more hackathon series in China, wishing to appeal to chinese innovators and outstanding developers.

More important, Chinese outstanding talents and developed products will be showcasing in an international arena by holding a series of hackarathon in China.