Since the Shenzhen Fringe Festival was launched in Shenzhen in 2010, it has become a can’t-be-missed art festival for Shenzheners. This year, under the theme of “Glowing Fringe, Glowing for 10 Years!,” the 10th Shenzhen Fringe Festival kicked off Nov. 13 with a two-night opening concert held at the small theater of Nanshan Culture and Sports Center.

Joyful performers greet visitors in Sunday’s parade in Nanshan. Photos courtsey of Shenzhen Fringe

Organized by the publicity department of Nanshan District, Nanshan District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and the organizing committee of Shenzhen Fringe Festival, the art carnival this year brings 60 groups of artists to Shenzhen to present a total of 97 performances, which will run till Nov. 23.

Citizens will bump into different kinds of art performances in places all over Nanshan District, including at the theater at the Nanshan Culture and Sports Center, Shenzhen Bay Avenue, the MixC, and Haide Square.

Artists from Kibbutz Goluyot Ensemble in the parade.

The first night of the opening concert, titled “Goes to the Movies,” was performed by musicians from different countries including Christopher Chaplin from the U.K., Dickson Dee from China, and Milosh Luczynski and Rafal Masur from Poland. Christopher Chaplin, who is the youngest son of drama master Charlie Chaplin, is a highlight of the show. His music contains imagery interlaced with classical texts.

Different from previous editions, this year the Fringe Parade was held Sunday instead of the last day of the festival. A total of 23 groups of artists gathered at Shenzhen Bay Avenue marching from both ends of the street toward the main stage to present a joint performance.

The director of the Fringe Parade is Bash Johnson, a professional dancer, choreographer and creative director possessing a unique style and sharp movements, who has worked with Mariah Carey, Kanye West and other superstars. The performance groups included living statue artist JOHNman, Juan M. Gomez (a well known street comedian actor), Mr. Muffin and Madam Cherry (a headless couple performed by the two artists from Portugal), the Scotland Bagpipe Band, Long Fung Drama Club, Nanshui Hakka Folk Song Team (which showed Hakka-style tunes in pretty clothes), Theater Jelicious, and the ZEAL Skateboarding Association.

Being one of the most well-received performances over the years, living statue is definitely included on this year’s menu. Our old friend JOHNman, one of Germany’s most famous living statue artists, has come again and presents “LIGHTman” and “BLANKO” throughout the festival. BLANKO is a white figure on a white pedestal that is colored by the audience. LIGHTman is more like an optical effect that may light up the night.

An artist in the parade

Helena Reis and Marisa Alexandra Soares from Portugal bring a special act to Shenzhen Fringe Festival: “Mr. Muffin and Madam Cherry.” It’s Madam Cherry’s birthday. Mr. Muffin has prepared a cake. They dance with the music and take photos all the time. Although Mr. Muffin and Madam Cherry don’t have eyes, a nose or a mouth like people on earth, they always find a way to express their mood.

Signe Marie from Denmark shares “Golden Fairy” and “Space Lacy” with Shenzhen audiences. “Golden Fairy” is enchanting for everyone, especially for children. Her mission is to create simple and sweet connections to the happiness and magic of life that exists all around us. “Spacy Lacy” is a curious and happy alien from a planet far away. She collects good vibes and all kinds of signals and rebroadcast them to everyone.

Besides, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to China, so the Fringe Festival sets up a special celebration called Fringe Macao Day on Nov. 23. Rock bands from Macao including Zenith, Scamper and F.I.D.A. will stage an exciting rock and roll party.

Band Concrete/Lotus.

The band Concrete/Lotus also from Macao will present “Live Show” which explores the melodies and percussion of live looping, sequencing, vocals and instruments in a set of all-original music, and the complexity of freestyle and live music creation and performance, giving listeners a taste of original and fresh sounds.

Source from EyeShenzhen