A new experience in traveling: Windowless Planes

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The airplane has become one of the best inventions in the century. Previously, when there was only road transport, it would take nearly 2 days to travel 1000Km. But now, Chennai to Delhi flight, it just takes less than 2hrs to reach the destination.

Meanwhile, from the time of invention, the airlines are being developed. Year by year, a lot of things and services are being included and provided to the travelers. Well, one such necessary thing is a window seat. If we are traveling for the first time in a flight, we would naturally choose a window seat. Because we will be so excited to see the world from the height we have never seen it.

Well a few years back, A British technology research firm known as a center for the process of innovation said that they are creating the key to future airplane travel: windowless planes.

Imagine how it would be if you are sitting in the middle of the sky and land. Exactly, that what the scientists were to create. The concept is all the windows present in the plane will be removed and the walls of the flight will be replaced with OLED screen walls which will be virtually connected to fiber optic cameras that beam an image of outside onto the window.

If you have watched the movie, “Spiderman: Homecoming”, I know exactly what you are thinking about. In the movie, the climax scene shows a camera at the lower part of the flight, which give a live feed to retroreflective panels. These panels swap into mirror kind of things and make flight invisible to the average human eye. This is a pure science which the scientists want to bring it to life.

The OLED touchscreens that will be replaced in the flight system will be more secure and fun-filled. Now, it doesn’t matter whichever seat you take. Either it may be window or Aisle seat, once the flight takes off, the screen starts working and real-time images of sky and earth will be projected on the screen. And also this screen will provide all the entertainment you will be needing in long tedious journeys.

With a few clicks, passengers could upload information about their current flight, including, “how long till we get there?!” After all, not just kids want to ask this question over and over on long journeys. Hungry or thirsty? You could also use the touchscreen feature to contact the stewardess service and order what you need.

Well, all this was published a few days back. But why dig it up everything now. Because Emirates is making this dream come true.

Emirates has unveiled its designs for a new first-class suite, which features windowless planes.

President of Emirates Sir Tim Clark told the BBC:  “The quality of the imagery is so good, it’s better than with the natural eye. [It’s] as if you were in the window seat.”

He continued: “The aircraft is lighter, the aircraft could fly faster, they’ll burn far less fuel and fly higher.”

Well, even such a fantastic technology also have some backdrops. But what happens if your plane neighbor doesn’t want to view the same content as you? Not to mention, can you imagine the neck ache you would get from turning your head to the side instead of looking straight down at your phone or (gasp) a hardcover book?

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