WordCamp Asia conference day tickets have been overwhelmingly popular and we know many of you have been asking us for more of them.

Today, we are happy to share that we will be releasing 50 micro sponsor tickets (฿2,000) on Wednesday, January 15 at noon Bangkok time (UTC+7).

“Why won’t you have Regular Tickets?”

As we explained on our tickets page, regular tickets are well below the actual cost (including lunch, after-party, swag, payment processing fee, and more). For budget limitation, we can only make micro sponsor tickets available for sale at this time. 

(Tiny note: micro sponsor tickets are also below the actual attendee cost, but we’ve made it a commitment not to create a new price point to be fair for everyone)

“Didn’t you say the tickets are sold out? Why/how are you releasing more now?”

We went through many stages of thinking – “What is the maximum capacity we can handle?”

Originally, we were aiming to only release a total of 1,000 tickets. We then upgraded this number to 1,250. Then we upgraded it again to 1,375. This number was based not on the venue capacity but on our budget calculation and organiser capacity to handle a large crowd for our first event at this scale.

However, after seeing the very high demand for tickets, we made some modifications around the budget to be able to add this small batch of tickets (this wasn’t easy).

This is the very final batch of tickets that we will be releasing. Thank you for your patience and support for this special event for our WordPress community in Asia.

Hope to see you in Bangkok!