While there are many ways to earn respect at work, there are only a few that will also advance your career.

It’s a monumental task to undertake. You want your coworkers to admire you, your staff to look up to you, and your bosses to think highly of you. While there are many ways to earn respect at work, there are only a few that will also advance your career, earn you a reputation as a desirable person to work with, and keep you on everyone’s radar as a rising star.

1. Have a Sense of Timeliness

Does your boss need a report by Friday? Has someone’s secretary asked for 20 copies of something by close? Is there a conference call starting tomorrow morning at 8:15? The response, then, is not to get that report done over the weekend; to deliver those copies tomorrow afternoon; or to show up to your conference call 5 minutes late (even though the coffee line was “crazy long.”)

Being respectful of other people’s time is a massive way to earn your own kind of respect – it shows that you understand that other people have their own lives and things to attend to, and that you want to help them accomplish their own goals while you accomplish theirs. Get the reports done before their due, send out copies ahead of time, and don’t make callers wait for you just because you need your grande latte.

2. Find Teaching Moments

This is really a two-step process. Not only should you look out for moments when you can be taught something, but you should look out for moments when you can teach something to someone. The latter can be tricky – you can’t let your ego get in the way and decide that just because someone does something differently than you that they’re automatically doing it wrong, or not doing it at all.

Instead, if you find a coworker struggling to use a piece of technology that you’re comfortable with, offer to sit down with them and walk them through the basics – and then actually do it. Likewise, if you find someone offering you a helping hand, take it. Your pride may sting eventually, but the knowledge they have later of you showing humility and a willingness to learn will pay off.

3. Show Respect to Get It

If you want respect, give respect. Be kind to your coworkers. Avoid office gossip, and never engage in any kind of cubicle or water-cooler chat that’s about a fellow coworker.

Look out for the people you spend your work week with, and pay attention to ways that they might need a little extra support. You don’t have to buy them groceries if they’re short on cash that week, but saying “hello” and asking about their families and hobbies will go farther than you could possibly imagine.

4. Do More

Know what is expected of you, and do something extra. This doesn’t mean to think back to the days if middle school and emulate the teacher’s pet. Instead, think of ways that you can make other people’s jobs easier.

Try and figure out if the job you’re being asked to do is really the bare minimum. If it is, then there’s always something more you can be doing – not only will it improve workflow in the office, but it will send a message to those around you that you care about the work you personally are doing, but also about making their jobs easier.

5. Foster a Five Year Plan

People who stay stationary in their jobs sends a very clear message – I don’t care about what I’m doing here. Having a goal of where you eventually want to be, on the other hand, says something different.

It says that you want more, both for yourself and for the company you work for. It says that you are striving for greatness, and that you aren’t complacent in what you’re doing. And best of all? It says this to everyone around you – to the people who hire and promote you, to the coworkers who see you advance in your career, and to the people who become your new office mates.

Note : This article was originally published on LinkedIn

Rhett Power

Rhett Power is Best-Selling Author, Executive Coach, Columnist at Forbes, Inc. & Success. Rhett Power co-founded Wild Creations in 2007 and quickly built the startup toy company into the 2010 Fastest Growing Business in South Carolina.

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