1. What is about meetup

Are you a director, screenwriter, actor, editor, shooter, or just itching to practice your craft? Professionals, pre-professionals or hobbyists – this is what you have been waiting for.
The 48 Hour Film Project is an opportunity for filmmakers of all levels to practice your craft – to make a film in a weekend and have it screen before an audience at your local theater.
Or just come to have fun, and meet people here

你的职业是导演、编剧、演员、剪辑者、拍摄人员? 想实践自己的技能?专业人士,非专业人士或业余爱好者——这是你一直在等待的机会。

2. Meetup details

Time: Tuesday 17th July 2018 @18:30-20:30
Address: No. 9, Lane 593, Xinhua road, ChangNing District, Shanghai

Admission: free
时间: 2018年7月17日星期二@18:30-20:30
地址: 上海市长宁区新华路593弄9号
入场费: 免费

3. How does 48HFP work

① Make your own team

Have a team-first including director, screenwriter, actor, cinematography, editor, make-up, sound/music etc
Find your team members in 48 HFP msetup, moments, group etc.



② Kick off time-Friday

Friday Night: Writing the script, gathering costumes and props after kick off time
Kick off time: 31th Aug, 2018@18:00
Address: 801 Yanchang Zhong Rd, Building#A-F1 (Fengchao coffee), Jing’an District, Shanghai

地址: 上海市静安区延长中路801号 新华园A幢一楼(峰巢咖啡)

③ Production-Saturday

Saturday: Production – this is the shoot
your team could shoot the film in any place


④ Delivery time-Sunday

Sunday: Editing and Dropoff – it’s time to complete your film as the minutes tick down
Delivery time: 2th Sep 2018 before 18:59

Address: 801 Yanchang Zhong Rd, Building#A-F1 (Fengchao coffee), Jing’an District, Shanghai

地址:上海市静安区延长中路801号 新华园A幢一楼(峰巢咖啡)

Note: Playable films must be delivered in mp4 format on a USB drive to the drop-off point by 18:59 on Sunday, Sept 2.

注意: 在9月2日周日18:59的时候,可播放电影必须以mp4格式存在U盘交付于现场。

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