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On July 14th, BLOCK GLOBAL, Block Technology and GLOSFER will hold the “2019 BLOCK GLOBAL ECO SUMMIT” in Shenzhen. Focusing on the current topic of blockchain technology and application, 2019 BLOCK GLOBAL ECO SUMMIT will invite industry experts to share the latest development results of blockchain policies, standards, technologies and applications.

They will also discuss the industrial ecology and risk prevention, and explore the global blockchain development trends and new opportunities for a new round of bull market layout.

In addition, there will be national strategies analysis, industrial trend prospecting, practical experience sharing, international development paths exploration, which will help blockchain technology to empower the real economy, and achieve greater commercial and social value.

And the key topics will be 2019 industry trend outlook, blockchain internationalization road exploration, a new round of bull market opportunities and layout discussion.

The summit will invite 20+ well-known VCs50+ KOLs20+ traditional enterprises40+ well-known exchanges30+ global projects30+ blockchain experts and 500+ participants to discuss the industry trends in 2019, the exploration of blockchain internationalization, and a new round of bull market opportunities and layout.


BLOCK GLOBAL: covering Block Technology, blocktimes, Coinin, Beecast, Block Capital, Huopin Online, established the Global College Blockchain Alliance, Global STO Industry Promotion Association, invested in more than ten blockchain upstream and downstream enterprises, and basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of Asian blockchain media.

Block Technology:As the leading blockchain community media, Block Technology builds a blockchain and digital currency value network ecosystem through distributed community nodes. Block Technology integrates news, analysis, market, data, community, project and campus.

As the world’s first “community media”, it provides 24/7 project tracking report and serves the community users with the principles of “objectivity, truth and depth”. Currently, Block Technology includes four major sections of Block News, Block Community,  Block Column and Block Activity.

GLOSFER : GLOSFER is the first generation blockchain company in Korea. In 2017, GLOSFER developed Korea’s famous DAG public blockchain Hycon, and listed on well-known exchanges such as OKex with 3000BTC raised in 8 hours.

In 2018, GLOSFER developed the digital currency NOWON for the Korean government, which is used for regional residents’ consumption and charity. To date, GLOSFER has developed 22 DAPPs for Korean governments, public institutions, and commercial enterprises.


AO:Combined with the advanced open source Graphene scheme and fragmentation technology in the market, the AO public blockchain adopts the DDPOS consensus protocol with the TPS reaching up to 39,523 in the actual operating environment, which is more than 10 times that of the current DPOS public blockchain to build a blockchain full-field system.




A. Global development,giant entry and blockchain boundaries
B. Bull and bear exchange,a new round of bull market opportunities and layout
C. New business list:Southeast Asia,Middle East,Europe
D. Observing the bull market:exchange,investment,technology


1、Global development,giant entry and blockchain boundaries
2、Main rising time node and peak outlook of bull market
3、Under the expectation of the bull market, the exchange will improve the new game of entrepreneurial projects
4、Libra appeared, the impact of big companies and Wall Street on the market


VIP Pass:$700

Including all VIP Party, conference and exhibition
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Time: July 14,12:30~20:30

International Central Plaza on Shenzhen CBD

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