A key aspect of this programme is how our mentors engage with each member of the design group. By breaking down the traditional hierarchy of roles usually characterizing relationships between teacher and pupil or master and apprentice, it creates a platform for reciprocal exchanges of dialogues and co-development of ideas.  Furthermore, it encourages every participant not only anticipating to the changes in the process of design development but also embracing the differences each member contributes.

Lulu Li 李心路

Lulu Li is an active practitioner in fields of design, art,  new media, research, curatorial practice, and entrepreneurship. Both her personal works and studio works have won numerous awards from TOCA ME, GAM awards, Red Dot, IF award, to the Best app 2014 and 2015 in-app store. Her personal renowned design work series “the lightning babe” has won her reputation in Chinese design since 2007, while her later artwork “Where r u…” is installed in K11 Shanghai building facade as a permanent collection. 2013 she runs Beijing based social innovation platform – Interactive Beijing. In 2013 a  program “Our A!r” is initiated for fighting air pollution crisis. It’s pilot project “Eco Air Bubble” upgraded public gym machines into human-powered fresh air sanctuary.  It has won her Germany’s  Green Product Award with innovative thinking in 2015. In 2016 “ City as Museum” VR project exhibited at Venice Architecture Biennale. The same year, she led a theoretical research for “Ethics of Technology” and partially curated “Beijing Media Art Biennale”.

The Emo Project
Public Art /Light Installation公众艺术/灯光装置

Permanent collection 永久装置/收藏@Shanghai K11
Permanent collection 永久装置/收藏@Shanghai K11
@I: project space @Art Beijing 艺术北京

Twin Flowers 双生花
Real-time Face Mapping Performance 

Eco Air Bubble
Social Innovation Prototype

@ParkView Green 芳草地 @Beijing Design Week 中华世纪坛 北京设计周

Philosophy of Technology Research


Movement Study 运动研究
video work 视频作品

Lightning Babe 电光娃娃
Design series

The Night Revels of Hanxizai
Ipad APP 年度苹果IPad应用

@Palace Museum 故宫博物院
@Palace Museum 故宫博物院

2018 DESIGN H(ij)ACK Summer Residency 

calling now! 夏令营报名开始!

Interns/Positions will be offered at the end of the program. 之后BHI5将为大家引介在本地知名设计公司及建筑事务所等实习机会/工作机会.

In this second edition of BHi5 Residency Program – Design H(ij)ack – participants of the arts, architecture, industrial/product design, interaction design, computer science, and engineers are invited to apply. The course will be held from July 10th to August 21st, 2018. The deadline of application is July 5th.


  • Admission to the workshop is by selection only. All applicants are asked to submit a PDF work sample and CV. The application formatted as a single digital file, in PDF format, should not exceed 10 MB. Applicants will be contacted via email or wechat upon receipt of their application.
  • 本计划将对于所有报名参与这进行筛选. 所有报名者需递交10兆以内的PDF作品和简历(只收一个文件). 我们将对入选者在截止日后两日内通过email进行逐一通知. 席位有限,先报先得.

     Send PDF to the following

    • 请将报名材料递交至email: [email protected]
    • 了解更多详情请加微信wechat ID: B_STIJL
  • //Selected applicants will be notified one or two days after submission deadline. 我们将对理想参与者提前两天进行通知。
  • //Accepted applicants are first come first served basis.我们将遵循先来先得原则。
    The main focus of our programme is the collaboration between diverse disciplines and backgrounds .
  • Therefore we are only offering this program to a selected number of participants from the following discipline:

    本计划的主旨在于不同背景和领域的参与者之间的跨界集体协作, 因此以下有限数量的参与者将被考虑纳入本计划:

  • -6 Architects 6个建筑师
  • -5 Industrial Designers 5个工业设计师
  • -5 Programmers/Hackers 5个编程师/黑客
  • -4 Artists 4个艺术家
  • -5 Local Chinese Artist/Designers 5个本地艺术家和设计师


//Upon acceptance and payment received you will be provided with a “Welcome Package” (via email) including all necessary information to prepare you for your trip/programme and your housing accommodations.

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please visit our website:




For questions or inquiries 

Scan Wechat ID below:


Wechat ID 微信号: B_STIJL

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