Calling all Creative Minds & artistic souls in Shenzhen!

The rapid development of today, we all feel the Internet and technology to bring us changes, In this ever-changing and diverse information age, there is both opportunities and challenges for designers,
What does the future design mean?
How do you look at the design from the problem?
How do designers find directions to build their own design?
How to face the challenges of the future?

Madrasters invited three senior guests,
Work with everyone to discuss the future of the designer!

William Yu

The future is not ours

Brand designer, he was born in Taipei, Taiwan, grew up in the United States Los Angeles. He graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at the California State University, Long Beach. He has worked in the Los Angeles Disney Company, Taipei Asustek Computer Corporation, Shenzhen TCL Multimedia Company.

William Yu is good at brand research and analysis, in the advertising page, user experience and flat packaging. He has in-depth research and experience. Encourage designers to explore their own philosophy of life, in the social environment to find their own position, analysis of reasoning to find an advanced way of life, and finally in the design to find their own rhythm.


The inner beauty of design

He has graduated from the industrial design of China Academy of Fine Arts , the current micro-whale senior industrial designers, worked at the Schneider Asia Pacific Design Center,And ZTE. Mr Deng has won the Red Dot Design Award and IF design Award, also invited to participate in the famous Japanese designer Kita Jun’s workshop.

Mr Deng founded the Rockymonkey marble home brand, with particular emphasis on traditional cultural spirit, the familiar light of luxury, into the modern design. Mr. Deng tried to promote the inner aesthetics of the East, do not do too much design, stress a reasonable balance, bring the natural and human together through the design.


The opportunities from social problem

MSC (Maker Sustainability Consulting) founder and CEO, social entrepreneurs, with sociology and business dual degree, proficient in Chinese and English. Had been met by the former Prime Minister of Thailand and made recommendations for the Japanese cabinet.

He believes that enterprises can through their core competencies to solve social problems and create business value. As a consultant to many of the world’s top 500 corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, he has led large-scale enterprise projects such as Ali, Tencent, Budweiser and Total. In the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries to promote social innovation projects.


What is Madrasters?

Madrasters is design community founded in INDIA. We have more than 5000 creative together as a community, actively doing seminars, meetups, conference around India. It is time for the Creative Minds in Shenzhen to have a get together regularly, build a true community.

Madrasters ( Saravana , Co-Founder )

What will we be doing?

Madrasters have one motto, which is “LEARN & SHARE”. Experts from various design industry, will share their knowledge and experience with us !

How much does it cost?

A big ZERO.. Open to everyone ! You don’t have to be a “Designer” or “Architect” to walk into this event, If you believe in putting users first then you’re more than welcome to join us. All you have do is believe in your creativity in you.

Be Happy, Have Fun & Let’s Go crazy!


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Note : Meetup language is Chinese !